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I am a helpless romantic cycling through the mistakes from my past

All I was searching for was a love that would last

I am afraid, because I fall so fast

I am ready for love to conquer the world

So, what do I do when all I can think about is GOD?

I search for answers in the sky, but all I can see are "Cloud Blot Test," and shades of blue

"What Does the Bible Really Teach?"

Aim for the sky, In-Amen you shall preach*

I aimed for the stars, I could not reach

Sometimes, the Devil is a testifier

So, I am just waiting on Lucifer to speak

So, I leaped

The path was locked in

I was intrigued by what I was shown

I am aware of the unknown

So I tread lightly, yet unknowingly

I just wish some of my "friends" and I did not speak through Psalms and poetry

*The first word in the edited Holy Bible is "In," and the last word is "Amen."

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