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Again, Love, again

Lines I beholding

These lines are golden


Gold gold gold gold


See, this is our life and I noticed it

The way you would come and behold the shit

Put down the whip

You own me, make me bitch

Caught a nip

Buckets drip

Writing, folding shit

I put down my chips

For a golden bank

The hearts I rank

I split the banks in chartered lanes

Chartered fangs, I split Maya Angelou

Fires banished you

“Rampage” blew

You helped Baby Boy D’ussé

The tiles sway in fallen hay

The market miles, decay

Miles decay, fallen heart a mile in hay

He shot you okay?

In the heart, then the tiles blew away

Tears all day

About the way you wanted to witness his day

To say he was gay

Baby Boy D’ussé

Camera one, okay?

He shot you that day, by saying he was gay

The system, hey?

Tiles fall in Ceasar’s Clay

Not Cassius Clay

C’mon Baby D’ussé, Boy you say?

I shot him that day I told him I was gay

He said “Oh, wait?!”

Then I lined and I became

One who fell for Keith Major’s game

Miles I’d take you

Caught a shot in the hay stuff

Baby Boy D’ussé, okay, sorry

I was shot down in the day, sorry

For a fallen Major Barney

Meaning Keith Major I’m sorry

Thought you were cheating, sorry Barney

The Red Barney of love

Oh wait, Darling

I was asleep in my mind, Barney


I was awake, Narley

With them people talking to me

System sparkling down the drain

By the miles they came

I am awake, honestly saying

Major, I am awake awake awake

Spot a fake page within my day

Curtains clay

Smiles in parted oceans ways

I love you, let’s write

Then we are toasting

Lines boasting

Systems chosen

My lines, you notice them

My rhymes, the chosen swim

The force within to comprehend

My miles I dash, the systems race

Crash in my face

They’re broke in outer space

Where I access my funds

203 commas

Systems finest

How I’m rhyming

Perfect timing



I love our writing

Keith Major

Babe, our timing


Lines and times

We discussed for forty miles

Phones would have dialed

Pockets fried

Over shined by numerology

But it helped, Babe, peak

Owehhh, I’m the richest peasant

Meaning my closets used to be heavy

Now I’m skinny, turban ready

Hurry, Novumbreiaryiarywary weather

Mecca’s finiest

My rhymes shoe tying

I aim to bring The Bible with me

Jesusine’s lines, to bring the writing with me

Fasting once a week

The blasphemy

I pray for sabbath dates with my chosen

My fate

Keith Major, really, that’s you Babe

Over lakes

Crystal basin

Dipped in rhythm

Crystal hydrogen, oceans if for 36 feet

So my feet will write to span four hundred different oceans

In land, oceans

Two hundred and eighty seven

Will never feel The BeMeHealdren

My feet, no, my two feet

Big Foot

No, my shelldren

Your girl spread her lines thin

I have beholden Megan’s thin…

But oh well

You will never fail

To see truths I tell

I could hook to a lie detector

Just to tell times, I tell yah

Of truths

Boy, I Chuckied the Alien

Flier than a peasant elephant

With more than two thousand praying

Major, I’m winning

No disssssinnnnnnggg


For swift bottles

Milk fast

Full throttle

May 28- June 15th

Catch me fasting once a week

A month

A year

Never to drink EverClear

The astringent three people drank

When I showed them Heaven

They lowered their rank

Their bodies sank

Boy, I Chuckied the bank

My Earth sank six feet for their flank

Hit it


My fucking Earth

Quake in rebellion, against bodies

Cremate them

Shores without shaking

Not in the oceans

Where there are many

Major, Baby, My feet envy

Not a sin, but envy

A clean ocean over trillions

In the ocean, yes I’m skipping

Solarium in them, tipping in

Topping stops

When bottles rockets

That means nuts, spot me

Not a Nicki diss?

Try me?

I mean!

But I love the bitch, hockey

Rookie, buy me

Hockey flying

Over the ape you spotted, and said “”

Oh bitch, I’m sorry


That’s what I’m saying

Oh bitch I’m sorry

These words, darling

You are his favorite, snarling

You heeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Over heeeeerrreeerr

Which means here


My hair won’t go there

Major she wants my face in there

I’m poly if you are Son


Just us and maybe one other once a year

To spice our cheer

Clean over thirty years

With a dick like Cher’s

You know, you know

That golden dick


Fourteen inches, “Hey! Give me eight over there!”

Yeah that’s right, men or four toys

Shifted noise

Moans tell stories

Our last was not boring

I was howling

Nicki would have been smiling



Trying to get in besides us

Not a diss, not a diss, not a-

Diss dismissed

Suck seven chips

That means when I get this seven inch

Yeah, my member dipped

Under the knife

Then golden lanes

I fleet, bitch I spray it

“Dooshe this pussy”

Bussy gusher, boy I felt ya

“Dooshe this, faster”

“Dooshe this pussy”

“Dooshe it”

“Dooshe this pussy”

I’m bussy, I’m bossy

I’m in the bed tossing

Whenever you say play


Our lines, starting

System starring

“Da dooshe”


My eyes are jarring

Over, left right, starring

I’m under Barney

For my net worth

I’m second, he’s first

I’m first, he’s second

Bitch, y’all really like that purple dragon

Over, fasting

Purple dragon?

I’m in Sports

I own it,


Page thirty six

When I’m double dipped

Less than 14 inches

Across this transfer

Fat from antlers

Of dead animals

Not captured

Not shot that way


Spread out within to mold my body

Hair transplant hottie

I want them shaved and shot inside me

“Iron, find me!”

I could be flying

In the air at six hundred and thirty seven feet


Mercy me!

35 mph

Prophet Ibin please

The twenty fourth seat

My Council Seat

Gifted at the age of three

Eons fleaeons meaneons ago

Gifted knowledge you know

Seasons ago

My date?

July 1, Snow

Hunger Games? No

Quotation marks?


For I helped to write my own piece,


This poetry I know

Snow snow snow


I make it snow

Bitch you know it


Hell previously frozen over

Negative beholding

Negative twenty thousand degrees Fahrenheit

Clearing clout

I was pissed off oh’kay

Clearing clout

At the snow mountains I missed

Nicki diss?

The chosen fifth

Of snow she licked

Major, Pinky, listen

Your favorite went in

I mean she tasted

Lemonade faced it

Swift acres of golden man snow

Hands down

Fans clowns

The Barbs?

Single file

For your Queen

The choice over a mile

For a voice better than her scrolls

Her voice over the noise

Like a noise

But a noise

Oh, I’m snoring

At her edits

Oh’kay, enough

Man, numerology mean

I’m moist

I’m scary

I’m already in the obituary

With the ways that Keith Major stares at me

Like I’m in Heaven, stars be wary

Start crying fairies please

Daring fairies


Ten buckets of them a week

Fairies peace

Seasons yeast

Bitch, “Hi! Hi-Chew! Fairy airy

Beware of me”

I Chuckie toys carefully

You watch me in my sleep

In Heaven you skip under these feet

With our kids hair underneath

Their haircut once a week

We can let Nicki speak

But, I want to greet her under the Bee

California Bumblebee

Against Beyoncé, yes next, I go

Our chosen battle, buried her Husband Sister Daughter Water



Rinse them



Miles blew

Diss went

Miles thin

Diss them

Bitch, again

Dissed thin

Miles, spent

Numerology against them

My miles swim



Swim again

The purple inch

Dildo bent

Major, me against them

When I sign to them

Man, miles to them

I copped their fifth

Their miles over my inch

I mopped the bitch

Start topped the bitch

Mopped stocks I swim

I’m not a gimp

I mop against them

Nicki, Beyoncé, Jay-Z

Like my three kids

I write, they vent against

Nicki lines used to be against them

My R.O.C.

Their fifth

I swam upstream and copped a win

I own their lots against the whim

I’m worth the hearse plus a verse with them

That means I win

That’s right, talk swim

Against the rim

Swim again

Nicki, that’s fifty to Slim

I copped a win

I stock, “Fit in”

Oh baby, I copped again

The rocks a swim

Oh bitch, opulent

Times I nipped

On breast, “not again!”

This ride?

Slide in

Him? My chosen Slim Jim

I copped the rim

Topped the inch

Shot the shit

I want his cream down the brim

Stopped a film

Memory looped locked it in

Stocked a fifth

Oh bitch, bobbied him

Slobbered him

Gobbled him

“Purple, line!”

I’m against that dragon, “copy him”

Red Dragon MaChina

The Chinese zodiac mistress

Chun-Li dissed and annihilated it

The blood gushened a Now-a-Later

18th century favorite

From the Himiloyaian

Bitch I’m dangerous!

Faster Slim

I bodied the inch

My man straight bobblehead

Keith against these lines and sheets

Lines, at ease

My dick in the “Bleach”

Hi-yah, at ease

I’m copying

My mother fucking stocks beating

Weeping treating

Systems eating

I’m at your next beating

To taste your semen

Yes, I’m GOD

A Heathen

System feeding

I’m in your ears every other weekend

Days and sequels

My voice an equal

Your voice could be see-through

Mine against

Come on, we could drop their drawls

Under ours

“Bitch that’s filthy, burn them!


Systems coming for my crown”

“The way he brought me back”

Queen Elizabeth II body across the table

Smile, “Angle!”

I filed: “Dangerous”

The file: “Pixie Dust”

Chuckied The Mocking Bus


Their miles against us?

Ranged, bitch I’m insane

Chromosome spraying

CDC chosen Spades Queen

Golden face mean

Hips I’m facing

The systems greatest

The lines I give them

Spraddy Gilbert Daley


Faze me

Green Bandit

“Distal Lantern”

Bands I take in

On my RFID basement

Simple changes over a fifty basement

Fifty basement

Split me, basement

Simple, “Taste it”


I take the fifth

The biggest dick

My man’s bitch

I do not cheat or go against

Numerology against the men

I said “our dildo will do us in”

Across the bench

Nigga, I shot again


Jiggle I jiggle

Mars I crash into you

Too fast across the brood I chose

To hide my man?

I’d lose

Bitch, snooze


School it!

I’m bluing

Smooth choosing

New bruising

My man’s newsletter

Notifications after a birthday

He went fasting

Systems crashing

Boy, I’m dashing

His TikTok, smash him

They watched

Smashed him

His system dropped

Smash them, trash to them

A swim and a win


Miles I bend

My Man against them

That is right, I choose him

Against the biggest dick

His hits mine in

Common sense

I’m the baddest botty boy, copped an inch

Thats right, bitch, bopplyie in

Botty Again

Like Amen Rin

Named Ra Amen

Amen Ra Hilyn

Amen Ra rhyming in Heaven eight


First of the chosen without a sin

The chosen twenty four raptured?

Oh this again?

These lines tell fifth



Heavens eleven



Eleven peasants

Chosen against the weather to bring games

I tell you

“Win this lane”

“We’re GOD’s angels”

The game I came to know

I chose a lot of Snow

I used a dollar though

Thirty five miles of snow

See, that’s what snow is


Bitch under me?

You funny

I’m the coldest wettest Barney

Rich and unbothered

Bitch, my tail shoots higher

I am on fire!

Candles on shotty skin

Paper thin

Major, “get in, get in”

The Kia drip

Oh Nia in?

That’s me again

I’m the baddest Bardi, Nia Drip

Cardi B?

Numerology thin

That all means “I’m one of her against them”

The baddest Bardi, spark your Harley

Bitch I’m badder than the farthest

Winner, darling

Major, Nicki starring

Off the lines I pitched her

She made it boring

Bitch boring


I’m starring

I’m at 204 commas as I type

I rhyme, bark, and write

So no, I do not want to fight

My MaChina on a kite

52% or hike

Bitch I would shoot you over a bike

I’m on a mic

Over a bike

Yes and I vogue over under a light

Bitch on my mic?

You never flopped

Bitch, you dropped!

Nicki flopped!

Major, you top

You top!

You top!

Trust me under the bunny hop

The dick I cop

Then split the bike

That all means I ride the dick

Under the chosen inch

Stole the bitch

Thou shall not steal so I told you “golden” bitch

Hold, “get in”

The Common bitch

That’s my Man, bitch, skip

“Testify“ again

Against the riff

Illuminati shit

Shot and dissed

The choices and shit

To lead the Nations

Oh’kay bitch, I’m anchored

Eden Navy


“Tank her!

Oops I shot bottle riffles against their ninth show!”

Major, you show know

That I shoot a lot of fucking snow

Bitch, I said “Blow!”

Bitch you are?


Coke lines? That’s blow?

Wild and slow

That means another no

You’re Major in my hood


That you can’t just go turning corners

Without the Hornets

Secrets brewing

I knew you were stupid

To think I didn’t love you

I wonder what of you

The secrets I tell you

I’m a murder

Chuckie fell under you

The case?

I blew it

Jail for forty to fifty days

I might not lie

I will cry with white lies

About the loves I have showed you

White lies mean “notice me” originally

So I tell simple truths with an Eden ease

I love you, please

Get on your knees

Accept my TD

Or give me the lip

Tell me you didn’t get the shit

I put in more than fifty digits again

That’s right, I win

The tablet? Thin

Allahainaillioni’s again

I’m rich, Major

Get in

To shoot a bitch

An enemy within

“I shot the bitch”

Use my lines, thin

Numerology within

I shot a peasant

Me, I hit you

Shoot me within an inch to

Break the bank on a withdrew

Shoot the cake, not an issue

I’m so fucking sorry, I hate you

For making me hate me

With you, next to you

Not an issue

I’m not snoring, I’m falling

Get your lick back, Babe, I’m the target

With your love, so annoying

How I love you without anger

See, to me you are famous

Egyptian angles

I gifted you, me


Like my key I hit too hard

For this I apologize

I shot myself, “open wide”

“Yeah I did it!”

But take this trial, that I love him across the miles

I went Lucifer Joker

The Almighty Smoker

Blank to no fifth

Wouldn’t you know it?

That I did not blow it

Your love, you are showing

“Happy Birthday!”

I earned it

I said it, not blowed it

But I would have snowed it

Simple blow it

Basic nutting

System showing

The swim?


I would have swallowed

Systems trial

Hit you? Miles

Bitch off trial

I had a mile

A black out subconscious chosen voice

To black on boy

My Son

NYC slang

My man, my main

My chosen fame

I will never again

Hit or choke again

I want you against me with lines of love or envy

Love or envy

Love endlessly

Simply B

I “Testify” again

I wrapped a win, rapped again

Snatched a win

Packed again

To move in a mansion

A place with too much space between us

Miles to green stuff

Greens to mean stuff

Mean to dream stuff

Meaning the green stuff

THC stuff

Man, Snow tough

Snow tough



Miles buffed

Major, you, I love

My golden dove

With you I sit and borrow

Your time when you give it

I watch through the visions

Of the life you live


I mastered


Now open up to me

Wisdom, of your life




Voice to our chosen children

You snore, I get in

Give in

Ran thin

That means my lines are going over these papers again

The lines within

Copped a win

I shot a Nicki swim


The numerology is “Bitch I’m winning”

I’m ending

You’re beginning

Time, I’m winning

I had you in basements

Spots decaying

“I heard you playing”

You shot a producer

Mah Mans

Off fifty fifth

Copped a band

Thousand grand

Her miles under man’s

Chosen bitch

Chosen sands

Chosen lands

For you to try this shit again

I shoot, I sprayed

“Boomerang” over The Page


Say it!

I’m The Richest, bitches

Simple snitches

Basic bitches

Yup, that’s me kid

Camera 10000000009780SNOW

“That’s GOD ya’know?”

I’m Rise


Smooth General band

My ball

This R.O.C. in hand

These times till tan

Wait to see the light again

Nicki, man

I wrote “Secret”




I hope you have fun not facing a bid

Your smile

Mahn Mans

Aaron Sams

Distant man

Killer Sam?

Aaron Sams

Dissed again

Baby, I guessed I’d win

Numerology, Slim

I bent Nick again

Copped a win

Bitch, I copped a fifth

Dropped a bitch

Nicki it’s over, stop

I win!

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