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An Entertaining Dinner Date

Was it delicious, delightful, and tasteful?

Was it scrumptious; hot and bold, stale or mold?

What was the price?

Would it be cheaper if it was closer to “the expiration date?”

Let’s eat fresh food, and set a proper date

Via FaceTime with recipes traded

Or in person, first base

Either way, lets set a dinner plate

Fish, greens, sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese

Wait until you get a whiff

With candles lit, do not dismiss

One another, it will either be hit or miss

Our life could potentially be bliss

Wishful that our love continues to produce great emotions

I have a sealed heart

A fragile loving heart

So think smart

I do not want my heart to miss

So break the seal friend

Or, Wifey

Ore rock please

Tidal Hi-Fi

On me, you shall see

Please do not ignore my calls

I will invite you over

Copy- Over- Rover

No shade

If the stove is open

Yet I am awoken

Tickets, tokens

The system is broken

Fight back

No joking

Get to voting!

Our electric, the heat?

“Their” oil and gas bills?

Who wrote them?

Should we dispute, lower and provide rescue?

Or better yet, bills- erode them!

Rock you to sleep with a chained-reaction

I am Illuminatiam, now let the GODLY reign begin

Enoch, take shelter

My years of learning was not thirty-six

My heart, thin line

Written up, so I have to write an outline

A well written document

Unlike The United States Constitution

This will not be a New World Order

Just a shift in my motion and emotions

Knowledge and experiences floating

I have a bucket-list of goals, so I will smell the roses

My mate, I would love to serenade you

Best friend


When is our date?

Soul search


Firsthand knowledge


First case, interstellar grace

Take my soul exchange with good intent

I do not need my mind to be on the fence

Do not break my heart

The external and internal mental light

Is it broken?

To adjust on site or sight?

This is how I write

My soul



Spiritual rapture


I am flying high

Fresh Jesusine Pluton Harmon

As dictated by Heavenly Chaos when I write

Brush up on your skills

Checkmate; yes wait

Book me

Hook me

Rook to Kingdom

I am coming

I have came

I will never let go of this “Messiac Reign”

Let me explain

This webpage could be your homepage

The seven churches in Asia have fallen under Buddha’s claim

The Chinese zodiac symbols vs light pollution?

That is what they claimed

Yet even Buddha Shaul’s reign was a Christian gain

For GOD I descended to Earth and back to Earth again

I hope some of you will win

This piece of peace is Heaven sent

Ladies, gents

They and thems

The one percent

While my bank is spent

My true financial claim

New expense

“Chanel" number five

Fifth mix

While listening to me you will not skip

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