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Booked and Busy

The best rider, fly here

Jet Blue priced fare

Jockstrapped fitted night wear

Bars, cars, hell loops, and nice sips

Quick sips- quick lift

Uber or Lyft: booked and dismissed

D'ussé where is my advance?

I am the highest on cloud nine

Id, ego, super ego, ego ideal

My id is killing, rapping, waiting, writing, fishing, dying

Never lying besides thoughts of white bliss

Ignorance times five with fourteen sarcastic lines

The nine times that I coveted

Eight times the sex was lacking

Re-do not happening

Fishy cunt clothes in Xios and Old Navy

The GAP Basquiat collection

T-Mobile shift or sift

This is not a challenge

Fabricated laws eroded

Chosen task

I am The Risen King

Roses and flowers are blooming

Fish are wading

Wormwood is dazy

The days I am creating

Thirty seven hours of labor meant thirty six hours and fifteen minutes

Sulfieie did not set


New match box of lighters ignite

Scorpion fight

To buy a grill or use my T-Fal pots

Cooking and cleaning

New season

Old reasons

To get my lover appraised

While my life changes

Junebugg finished

My mission was met

Forbes list


I will always be in first place



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