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Boomerang Fling!

GOD, life with you would be amazing

All these artists are complacent

I have so much talent, and it is all being wasted

I have my own talent, and they do not know what second place is

GOD, you are their puppet master, pulling their strings

You would like to pull mine

I have seen your rule, and I have the time

I would allow you to try me

I love the idea that you knew where I would be

So do not make me wait

I love you from my core

Do not act like you do not love me, too

I make you manic

I made you wait

I do not want their dollar

So thanks, but no thanks

I want their heart

I already own it

Almost as if I have it in my hands

I will put it back when we meet again

Consider it their advance

In 00:10:00 minutes they will appreciate their head start

I made you wait all day, but you trust in my heart

All of their kingdoms will fall

They might still win in the end

I am not fasting for them, but I will for you

I need to make sure I show some strength

If I tried to motivate them to wave a white flag, it would still be their demise

My angelic saints were previously on go

As soon as their blasphemous bodies froze in pain and fear


Spirits rise

Their spirits were summoned my way

I am not losing this game

So, tell me you love me

Go ahead, and gain my trust again

Is this just another poem that I have given away for free?

They still do not get it

My free throw is at 100 percent

So now I have the advantage

I will give them some encouragement to stare at GOD's face

GOD is beautiful as Heaven

So, stare at me in my face

Do not expect me to be afraid of bringing my love back

I will tell them "Thank you” for cutting me some “Slack”

Just know that I will be busy getting those stacks!

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