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Borrowing King


I am here to testify

That I will not die


I want you and Haley under the glass

My heart, jumped fast, my heart won’t last

Inspection against the glass

You said you are Carl, dash


All you will ever know is the life you had

This starting clip, my gun to your throat

You are GOD?


The bottled rocket

I shoot across the Nile with you

Go against tiles with you

Miles with you

Heavenly Chaos:

I want you to know this is not terrifying

My lines I am writing


Your daughter, I have her shoes tying

In my lane, yes, she has died

Chosen game, chosen mile

Though I lowered her like a dial

Over miles

The fartest over 1,110 realms

Her lives, over Haley

System, failed me

Her hit list, Death Lewiseil

Her check list, the spirits blow

Skies you know

Systems snow

The chosen haul

Your gifted children claws

Weighing you down

Against all odds

You did not want, you were against all odds

You wanted one,

I have killed all three,



They are not your child

The daughter, maybe mild

DNA from Ty Dolla Sign

At least for the first three

Greater than 67%







Over: time out


To be the best dad you have to

I bring lines, the parrots blew

Like a blew a whistle

1378 BCE for carats blew

The miles I knew

I miles I shrew

I create karat for Haley

Mined in the basement

Of Africa


Up to One hundred and twenty acres

Of more than one hundred billion karat acres

The miles

The fake stuff

Take lines

To make stuff

To shift time

The green stuff

They shine

To mean tough


The green sparkle

To be weary

The green alter ego

The mean shifted evil

The rocks, I wanted to be a sequel

These lines you write, you could be my equal

She will never dismay, decay, or fall to the hay

She is my niece, my loving daughter against the day

I love her like my own, near a boring day

We color Pokémon with gel pen design

Systems trying

We color timing


Himalayan seas over basements

I control the Himalayans

Greece in basements I wish to share

With Vic Mensa and a ton of Nair



Ton of Nair meaning the dime

Systems finest

My ass across his miles

Systems trying

I opened the relations

For men to my faces

Three to name faces

Drake, the hidden captive

The Weeknd days, oh yes, I felt him

Vic Mensa ways, oh boy I snuffed him

In my lane, I guess I tucked him

Fleeting sparrow ways

Under my mission

Oh I lowered him under my kitchen

I guess I gave him a forbidden mission

I wanted him across the dishes

Told him I wasn’t interested

Oh’kay spot the difference

In meaningful language I knew the difference

Above different angles, I spot my run

Over the tables, over the bruises

He wants to fight me

System please don’t bring on the ruin

Oh what a name for them to ruin

Oh this game, you think I’m funny

I throw punches in the two hundreds

Squatting mean, I pack a tundra

Thunda under the tundra

He looks supreme

Oh boy, I felt yah

Under the eye, the boys a rumble

So what I mean is could we tumble

Over the bed

Oh boy, I’m in trouble

The men in my gaze, I’m under pressure

Vic Mensa’s name, a secret treasure

Though I lowered him under my crown

Those feathers, how many are there now

I could bust your kneecaps with gravity



Unh uhnt unhgh


I want you to know, that I never brought the show

What sick game is you on?

With a need to decree

God? That I don’t see

That you will ever be

Destiny against the lines I spit

This is all I have for this shit!

Heavenly Chaos:

I want you to know that you never have to worry about snow

Long line breaks, I brought a dollar though

Mmmm, your man is a hoe

Sex with two hundred and sixty five men since he met you

That’s a withdrew

Spot the sequel

You wish for me to be under the glass

That’s it Jay-Z, I will whoop your ass

You throw punches in the hundreds

I’m under baby punches

One hundred and seven

Your threaten me, I’ll take your heiress

Baby Beyoncé, my bitch, my fairest

Voodoo against me, oh’kay the fairest?

I paint pictures of golden statements

I report from the Himiliyianilyian

Different angles

Simple, dangle

Yes on my mic,



Stars from angels

I report to dangle



In my mind, your are my favorite

My Wade, my Main, my dangle

I will whoop their ass if they report

The chosen boy

The Robot Killer MaChina

Stocks a swim, I mopped again

They want my robots down here stocking and shit

I told you bitch

Precious life like my chosen fish

Above the brim

Stop coming at me with this mute/silent shit

I bodied an inch

Straight talk off a fifth

Off a fifth

Yes bitch

Off with your head

Simple, say it

I could commentate about putting your lives in basements

Back to the basements

Simple statements




Stars under slavery

The simple Baby

D’ussé “Save me”

I’m Spraddy Gilbert Daley

Simple, “faze me”

Come here baby

Come drive me crazy

While I drive you crazy

Clips to your ankles

My mind bends your ankles

One nine seven eight nine



Oh’kay sorry

Cuffs, oh’kay, sorry

Simple, oh’kay boring

My Barney

My Red Barney

My lover, my darling

Eyes over jarring

System starring

While I’m borrowing

Seventeen people to do the borrowing

Bury a man who has too much mileage

Simple statements: mileage

Four hundred and thirty nine

Walls blew

You want to sleep with us, miles blew

Skies blue

Those miles?

You lose

Smooth choose: you lose

Statements baby, smooth rules

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