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I apologize

I called one thousand times

There are many reasons why, and that is why I try

To love you infinitely

For all of eternity

I know that we could be

Together happily

So let us unify

Listen to my heart cry

As I strip vulnerably

To let you notice me

While I stare into your eyes

Your hands are on my thighs

I clasp your hands with ease

Before your body is pleased

Explore your cherry

Your body give it to me

So that we can be

Together peacefully

I see the Eve to my Adam

Oh snap!

I am Adam for Adam

I have never been on BCG

So catch me on JACK'd please

Or GRINDR getting fans

As I make my OnlyFans

The stars are in my right hand

As I grip my pulsing-


I advanced to a land of wilderness

Once, and twice again

I am your equestrian

Clearly your only man

I was not the only

I want to play again

Flip over

Spread them

As I taste your ripe cherry

Your body is convulsing

My hand is over your mouth

There are muffled moans under your blouse

While I am as quiet as a mouse

While we are bringing down the house

So let us move this from the couch

I lift you around my waist

We are staring face to face

Now which one of us will take first place

Although this was our rat race

I love you, Baby

So, will you marry me?

The threshold to our bed

I am finally yours' again

I am finally yours' again

I am finally yours' again

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