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Continuous Fall/Winter of 2017 A.D./ 2018 A.D.


Alive. Fast forward.

Alive. Fast forward. Alive.

Fast forward. Dead. Pause.

Abstract: The following is a descriptive retelling of a dream that I had.

"Beauty and the Beast"

Am I Beauty or the Beast?

I am trapped inside a castle with a dragon off its leash

It feels like I am running for miles

"GOD, strengthen my knees"

Wait... something is happening: it is lowering its heads

The chase has ended; just me, it, and the spiral stairs

First- person views of Eve bowing

I watched her stretch her wings

Is it a glimpse of the future?

Is hell her destiny?

I watched her walk through the fire before returning back to me...

"Cloud Blot Test"

Laying opposite your adjacent, call me hypotenuse

The masses are afraid that there is a "dragon" on the loose

I am linear to the axis GOD created for all of you

I am not afraid, because GOD still loves me through and through

I sat smiling at the clouds in the sky

I wondered where wasted love was sent

The sulfur could burn with no intended recipient

Just ask for forgiveness

Truly, Lucifer was Heaven sent

Abstract: Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty [Nicki Minaj] used "I am the Alpha, the Omega, everything in between" in one of her recently released songs titled "Party Time." So..

All these females are her sons?

She can exclude me from the list

I was darkness before the light

Now let me sit and reminisce

"Ride The Beat"

"Split" personalities like it is "23 and Me"

You will not even know the difference how we all ride the beat

Reaping what I sow, threshing through the meek

With an occasional resting smirk, I smize when I do not speak

"Martini bartender- please, on the rocks, I do not want it neat"

I am sometimes antisocial like some pythons, and I like my body heat


The world is in my hands

I see the stars in my eyes

Sensory overload, but I will not let it be my demise

The influx of light requires me to adjust my sight

I saw GOD'S show so clearly, yet my limbs could not reach those heights

Is it my issue if my primary source of happiness would be for GOD to hold me tight?

To just sit, and listen, to how things should have gone right

Searching for solace after my friend and I finished an argument

I thought a walk would help us make it through the night

So, I left the apartment

However, the environment became toxic

I gathered my belongings to stay sane

Previously, I addressed Wormwood

I said I am with I AM, and Wormwood called me by my name

I know GOD is closer than imagined

Yes- this is Alpha and Omega's domain

Abstract: This next writing is based on a meditative experience when I was able to see my heavenly form from the waist down, October 28th, 2017 A.D. (using the Gregorian calendar), while other individuals were only able to see my heavenly form from the waist up in the sky June 7th, 2016 A.D. (using the Gregorian calendar).

"Vogue 7"

I was laying down in Boston, Massachusetts with my eyes closed

Meditating after hours out on the road

I had smoked marijuana: game leafs, the facials were rolled

I was intrigued by the story, my consciousness was bold

I was consciously levitating in the air without support wires

Voguing it down: I have to admit my stunts were fire

I was capable of reaching new heights, and I could bring it down

The story finished with one dip, so I ended it on the ground

I was looking up at my heavenly figure from the waist down

I was not worshiping a false idol, with my arms outstretched, palms to the sky

I called from the ground- wow

The music was paused, and the next facial was sparked

I took it into the shower with me

I needed to process those thoughts

I was not thinking of "LOL SORRY"

I was wondering where my mind had just wandered to, but the idea of a praise dance was consoling

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