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As they search for me, I sit

Quietly, or so I think


GOD is hearing every mental thought

I need a hearing aid, which has yet to have been purchased

You all fall on a deaf man's ears,* and I am ready for the noise

Stationary seating: I am taught, and well poise

I am afraid to hear the critique, while living life too focused on simplicity

I am the epicenter from the East to the West

This is only the beginning

I could converse with the billions on the planet

Unluckily, I would mentally process you all one at a time

Until then, I can calmly sit and rhyme

While relaxing in my apartment, I was previously smoking dubs and dimes

My lost thoughts, time off

Writer's intuition is rushing back to me

I am sober, so I can tell you all what I need

Fluid conversation, all of us conversing

Practicing my hidden talent

L9-switch, my personal ease was freed

Creating my personal abilities

*Despite the inflicted frustration, I am unable to audibly process the external and internal stimuli provided by individuals on the planet unless we are actually within earshot of one another.

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