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Dear #15

No homo

I vibe with you, pro-bono

Until the day I die, for you I would ride

Our love is stronger than my pride

These feelings, I hide

Sexuality is elusive, and conversing yields new bruises

In the presence of his face, my heart increases its pace

Yet in this place my stomach turns as society fastens our nooses

Our love: it is considered to be "forbidden"

Aware, but I am not guilt ridden

For love I would fight, with all of my might

Until ascension caused my soul to take flight

I find shelter in his Lee

My spirit fills with glee

The yin to my yang, to GOD I sing

Joy confronts temporary pain

Life, liberty, and happiness

GOD's love brings me bliss

The pen expresses the passion, but the target is missed

What is truth?

What is this?

The answer was raised from the crucifix

I am the Fisher of Men, both past and present tense

Now I am trapped in the city of Brotherly Love

My intentions are pure, so "release the doves"

This hollow I have dug, with emotions swept under the rug

Love is a drug, and GOD is the plug

I seek comfort in HIS loving hug

Fear not my muse, as I express these blues

My thoughts renewed, and birthed a love so true

The journey is not new

Alphaiac Alpha is not through

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