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Dear Sr.

Although you may not understand

You raised the Son of Man

I would like you to know, things are going as planned

About two years ago while I was relaxing in the pool

I devised a game plan to show the world I was "cool"

With one target down, I envisioned my crown

Shots were being fired

You would cringe as I frowned

You asked me to leave it all in the past

You thought my world was moving too fast

Instinctively we all knew, the pain would not last

The highs of my lows were flashing due to the diagnosis I was dashing

Yet your concern was fear that I was crashing

However, like "Gyrados" I progressed from splashing to thrashing

The baby powder on you back revealed wings I thought I lacked

The more you tried to motivate me, the more it appeared that I slacked

Raquel from Robert Morris University would say that I was loafing

To better days we would soon be toasting

Brighter tomorrows: Mrs. Aiesha and you were hopeful

Our trips to "Ambassador Seventh Day Adventist Church;" while infrequent, was proof that I was not joking

I knew this planet was not my home

GOD is waiting, watching from his throne

The path was locked in, for it was shown

While my potential was strategically displayed as a known, unknown

Although the days may look dreary, my spirit is not weary

There is no man whom I shall fear

Keep the faith: brighter days will soon be near

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