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Death's Advocate

I inhaled water, so I am having a slight problem breathing

I am irritable, looking for trouble for no reason

Summertime: this Leo/Virgo's astrological season

I am in the Detention Center, but these correctional officers do not know who they are messing with

I should tell them "retrace your steps"

I will take them back to the hieroglyphs

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Some of you thought I was devilish

I stop, and count to ten: trying to be mindful of a sinking ship

One-Two-Three; roll it, light the weed

The Root of David is in stealth mode: no bees

These people do not understand my personality

Welcome to the jungle

Unfortunately, this is the life that crime breeds

I am not a super-villain, but a "Savior;" that is who they need

I try to shake off the stress, and turn the other cheek

$1,288 for braces, yet I still grit my teeth

I am moving amongst the billions doing what I please

I will have you praying to GOD: "get on your knees!"

I will omit the underlying fact that to get to GOD, you must get through me

They are trying to sail their souls

I am the wind that fuels the breeze

Four-Five-Six; I had you all drawing with sticks

Rock, paper, scissors- shoot!

You would not have etched my name in those bricks

I need to hit Rome, Italy, and commune with the hicks*

Seven-Eight-Nine; I will tell them to "stop touching kids!"

As I reach ten this rhyme is coming to an end

Mentally rearranging faces

I do it all with this pen

*hick: an unsophisticated provincial** person

**provincial: the superior of a province of Roman Catholic religious orders

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