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Fallen Harder

I’m am the begotten

For this, I smell the rotten


Trials under the fowl

Hearts under denial

Systems trial

For a voice under his Nile

My Nile

The Nile

Though I clean in the golden riles

Shifted lanes, shifted tiles

Gifted scrolls, systems toll

To shift the aim, overall

Seasons haul

The seasons, stall

Global economy ready

Global Pluton energy

Elon, steady me

Tesla beat

Heft to Sweet

Hefty Beef

Spotted cheese

Pepper Jack, at’ease

I spot my beef

The beefy beef

The miles I never thought I would see

You against me

The times I thought I did see

A spot through the tree

A spot to tell me to set you free

To just let you be

A spot at destiny

I spotted you


I thought I might go a mile with this bee

I do not know if we are at ease

I compare across piles

I separate at loss tiles

Shift miles





I gift across the isles

A life with bliss across blue Niles

A time to shift the fallen miles

A dip to shift the fallen fowls

A time and a riff across the miles

I will write to you across the isles

Across the miles

In the end of a trial

I deny

I will succumb

I am not dumb

For I know laws: scorpion claws

Lines in a Royce

I will survive the triangle force

The judicial system, decaying

My laws, by you I hope I’m staying

Open the forces, open the bases

Friendships alone, or in other faces




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