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Feasting Fangs

Abstract: This was the second of two successful attempts writing with "#15," after placing "Linear Motion" on his bed, which he took personally.

#15: You did not tell me a thing! I did not even get a heads up while you continued to object my mental state.

Heavenly Chaos: Frustrated- filled with hate as of late, knowing our fight for understanding is not going too great.

#15: I asked myself a million times why, and how they put me through this. So many deserve this punishment, but at the same time, so many are not worthy. So, I repent every opportunity I get.

Heavenly Chaos: If repentance does not bring you peace, whose happiness do you seek? As you turn the other cheek, you continue to feel weak.

#15: Am I at a standstill, or a standoff? I can feel the untamed feasting on my pain throughout every line.

Heavenly Chaos: You believe I am feasting on your pain, yet the tale remains unchanged. When considering “am I sane,” assess the placement of blame!

#15: So, does that leave discomfort as humiliation, or timid humility? I have asked myself this question- as well as others- so many times.

Heavenly Chaos: Your words indicate you have asked too many times. If it were not for discomfort, you would be fine- eager to grind. Your feelings are so unkind, that sunrays cannot shine on a heart pure and fine. The darkness lingers in your mind, tell it “Victory shall be mine.”

#15: I have told myself that numerous times. It even got to a point where I searched, then climbed.

Heavenly Chaos: How high have you climbed when you are back at the bottom line? If you do not feel great, you must sublimate.

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