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***Flawless Remix

The "devil" had me in a choke hold like an anaphylaxis reaction

My gag reflex is non-existent

I defeated you

That was my passion

Friends Hospital put me to sleep

They said I was snapping

Then I had my head in The Holy Bible wondering "Damn Lucifer, what happened?"

New study of the light

Conspiracy theorists have several seats

I do not usually wreck beats, but it was time the world caught a glimpse of my irregular heartbeat

LGBTQIA+; call me Omega's King

Men and women are dying around me

I tremor at the slightest glimpse

"Avatar: The Last Airbender," like a Buddhist, the force was strong within me

I am Jesus Holy Christ Zion Pluto

I am force

I am the "True Messenger of GOD," and the Pope is screaming "blasphemy!"

Call me "Ezio Auditore de Firenze"

I am a skilled assassin

They say I have psychosis, so I guess this is my reality

I am filled with The Holy Spirit, and I want the world to hear me

"The Devil Is a Liar"

I am the Truth

I wrote this rhyme in less than an hour

Someone get me out of the booth

She said I was "Olivia Pope"

I fell in love with a "Scandal"

Call me "Alfalfa"

I am the true "Little Rascal"

I fear no evil

Speak no evil

I do not even hear these people

I have a heart of glass like plastic wrap

I am see-through


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