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Flowing Rhythm

Daeshaun King Basquiat

I want Reese’s pieces

Multiple battles undefeated

To be a Basquiat

I am the highest

Seated at GOD’s right hand

My creativity, release it

To prrr and prrr like a maine coon cat

I might want one in all black

Fur baby, but do not call me


The NYC Gabbana chapter?

At Electronika, scoop tea

Becky tried it, but I live through the crashes

I know I am not elastic

Help me break down this body

Laffy Taffy


A commentator?


GAP Basquiat collection

I think I need to make a quick purchase

Cash deposit, via Cash App

I pay my house dues in advance

My best runway?


My hands are frozen

“Oh GOD! Seize him!”

Sub-Zero: “Freeze him!”

“Let it marinate” Vic Mensa

Well is it seasoned?


Swift dreaming

New season, coastal reasons

To a weed bar

That might please him

I will dye my hair

Marinate the gray rinse while I converse with him

He will be whipped

Tongue slips

I will keep writing

To the Democratic President Joe Biden Jr.

Can we go horseback riding?

Help me prepare a statement

Vladimir V. Putin

You lack true vision

Alter your defense and offense

Let us meet in person

The Risen King

Krumps, Clowns

In “The Joker 3,” I better be

The one and only play card

Spades dealing, Ace high

Jay-Z, oops broke ass D’ussé

Only small bids with big blinds

His roommate; no really!

Beyoncé, catch me

“Say something about this photo?”

I was captured

Death attempted to spiritually rapture me

The Whore, baptize her


Revise her, revive her

I encapsulate those vocals

Keep my name out of your mouth, Beyoncé

Find a new hobby

My turn, I meant body


Stop her Blue Ivy

She will be stopped by Poison Ivy

Fear grown in spite of lacking multivitamins

I could have put her in a mausoleum

I revived her though

Then she, Beyoncé, taught Blue Ivy magic arts

Kanye, up next, is your diss


I would eventually vogue down

Haters? Hate!

“Empire! Empire! Encore!”

Curtains called and drawn


Lets pass the beat and the mic around

To The Haus of Basquiat

I have to audition?

Gather around!

Baby Doll” Fresh will make even the floor bow down

Crisp Crown, my fingers over your keypad

My number will be in your pocket

Icon, stop it!

They miss me like "Rocket"

Guardian, heated missile guided

Me and your Basquiat squad

The world could not stop it!

Beyoncé rapped about knocking a Basquiat off of the wall

Soon after she admitted that she meant the female overall

Hate crime-really Miss. Knowles Carter?

Beyoncé wait, your man is bisexual

Damn- man wait

D’ussé likes a different type of breast

Beyoncé, I will not rest

Strap in, get dressed

Mannequin, head rest

You tried it

Up, next!

East West?

The Kaba'a stone?

Prophet Muhammad’s private place of rest

I will fly over to Mecca and relax

Maybe I will meet a R.O.C. Nation lover

We will not forget the rubber

Lubricant, and just one another

Roll it down

Safe Sex!

"Pyramids" by Frank Ocean

"Channel Orange" will be playing

Performance or vogue

"Vogue" magazine

Grand prize at The Latex

Vic Mensa likes to stage dive and went sky diving

Rihanna stocks soared

I will talk to you about your Fenty products

Wink, with mascara and eyeliner

Check out my Skyrise


Rihanna Navy, let us watch The Carters follow

Push the cart, Carters

Push the cart

Damn they ran

$250,000 grand

Rihanna, come to New York

I would love for you to touch the man that helped to create land

From one who "Saw"

"Jason" versus "Jigsaw"

I cautiously tread through the sands

Saw dust and the watery sands

I am soft and cunt

Perform and vogue!

I hit dips like water that drips

Escaping, tapping

Into my third eye, so now I am rapping

Columns and rows, my spreadsheet was chosen

Wormwood wades in water even when it is frozen

"Bam Bam Shawam"


I could let you drift to subconscious lands

My man Sam, his new album gave

Well that is for me to understand

The current NIV of The Holy Bible

Revelations, we are currently at Chapter 20

Verse one

I hold the key to the bottomless pit

That is Lucifer’s issue

Lucifer, here is a tissue

Stop crying, now they are being misused

They want to gag me or drag me?

Cunty, effectedififishy, stunted, and effected

“WTP” by Teyana Taylor

Pump the ha, while their retinas process and grab

Hit it to the beat, I react

Child please



Shimmy and sliver, whoa

New game?



Oh, wait

System crash



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