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Games Played

I’m the lightest in the bed

I explore across the width

I make him cum with the fifth

I’m not for the talking shit

I’m dangerous

Ranged in rooms

Arranged in gold

The Grammy hold

The bronze I show

This mind I know


Enhanced beyond the sands

I’m three thousand miles across the Nile

Numerology, so do not track me

Tap me

Back me

Then relax as he wraps me

Gravity embrace

The games we play in queen sized beds

I ride smooth, avalanche

Strong tissues

Muscles flexing?

My cake is twenty three pounds

That’s a lot of breakfast


I go at it strap less

Topless, so go ahead and find this hobby

Sex, and I mean with a loving body

Soulmate, not just anybody


Against the floors and tiles

These are the thoughts that cross my mind

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