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Ghostly Chaos

Abstract: This is something that my father and I wrote about the seventh President of The United States of America, although the subject matter changed to reflect a continuous conversation.


While sitting alone in your castle

You are living life without any hassles

Drifting apart, no one is attached to you

Seldom sad, full

Material wealth, spent fast


Spiritually lacking

No longer the only black captain

Although we have built from our backs

To create the USA, tactful

Slaves from years past

You were one that cared less

Other side, you rehashed

Beefs against your own, so give back

You are a Prince, no king crab

Heavenly Chaos:

Cancer could be cured

Watch how I throw these jabs

Rehearse to these beats

I will ignore your thought of a relapse

Mistakes from the past

My troubles are ending fast

Call me on my cell phone

They can forget about an advance

We conversed, and our thoughts were getting heavy

These tears I show

This pain I hide

While talking to GOD, I am not alone as one

I am passive aggressive, but light as a feather

Turn the clocks back, slow down time


Daughter Zion, we should sit and rhyme

History over the turn tables

Tablecloth, bird's eye winning

Eyes open, we are the winners

Heavenly Chaos:

Grind, we are not even finished

Meditative scenes, they are not lucid dreams

Previous hospitalizations, that inpatient is finished

My rhymes are like water

Hose you off


Heavenly Chaos

GOD and I are writing together

Shining the light with my favorite hobby

Your turn, do not copy!

Verbal confirmation

Elevate our conversation

I do not like clowns, so pay attention

We are playing tag, and Lucifer, you are on my hit list!

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