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Glorified Comeback

Our Father, who art in Heaven

Hollowed by thy name

Your only begotten Son has come to change the game

With the love that I have for you I enjoy glorifying your name

Jehovah, GOD almighty

You are my shining star!

I hoped to talk with you for years

Now there are no days off

Whisper internally "share the wonderful grace"

GOD, you ask, and I provide, the proper prayer or grace

A love like ours' cannot be replaced

I have been staring at us in the face

I glanced into my eyes to see my present and guiding father in one place

Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit

I have been given a new mission

I love you two, while I love Lucifer the least

Our love is truly unspoken and brings me peace

I have even removed some distractions to give you both all of me

Although someone found my 18 karat talisman, I still bling!

I yearned for so long to hear GOD'S voice

Now they call me deranged

I am the King of all of the Kings, and my message has never changed

I love you God, and my gift of life itself

So how do I count the ways in which to express my love?

How do I count the ways as numerous as the stars?

I love you infinitely and eternally

I love everything that you do

I love everything that you are!

I love you GOD, the original designer

I love the gift that you have given me

ABBA, you are the highest power!

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