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Glorified Comeback part 2

"Glorified Comeback" has nothing on this. Hours conversing with GOD are all filled with bliss. The direct contact with GOD translates to nothing but love! Dreaming peacefully with cockatoos representing yellow birds instead of doves. GOD, please, where is my bouquet of roses? I love you so much that my words have to be carefully chosen. Once in the past I said I loved you more than every dime that has ever been left ajar, but now I close my eyes, and gaze at the stars. Meditating, and I have seen your beauty. I looked right into your eyes and you glistened- quickly! Eighteen feet and six inches tall; truly, no one compares. I am reading Psalms and The Qu'Ran to strengthen our connection; I love seventy-five thousand Holy Bible verses of your knowledge. I am on a ledge of my own, but for Lucifer, I would climb down from its lowest peak. Pack a parachute, and leap through the atmosphere; so prepare my mark- here is my head start. Continue to converse with me despite what my social support thinks, GOD. I am surrounded by the embrace of your love as if I were clothed in chinchilla or mink. I was your willing sacrifice, my life always in your hands.* I was baptized in plain sight: I listened to you tell me when to fall to the sand. Hourglass renewed, my life is now being carried. There are multiple footprints in the sand behind me. You are here, but to others- blindly.

*In reference to being a sacrifice, I am referring to being hospitalized in multiple hospitals while talking to GOD.

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