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GOD’S Love

I am Jesus, also know as Heavenly Chaos

Learn my name children

Feasting on fish, that is my next mission

Vegetarian; pescatarian to be specific

I am in love with the Council of 24

My spirit is rising- although I am physically dying

I attempted to wake GOD up, caps lock, but right now I am trying him

For leaving me all alone

GOD never sung me a single hymn

GOD knows that I love him

GOD loves me eternally

With his love, I am his thankful son

I lifted the veil, but GOD tried to take my life

The conversations we have been having

Their eardrums, we will be blasting

I am skeptical about the people I confide in

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy!"

My angelic soldiers are still flying

Believe in my name, while I raise the dead

Mentally, I am no longer burying the dead

120 years; yeah right

You want to talk to me?

Come raise your net worth with me!

Love me like I have been the man of your dreams

Nitrogen2 oxygen, but I will use it for whipped cream

Slip out of your shell

Open up, and converse with me

While laying down horizontally

I am looking into your eyes

GOD sees the world through mine

If we have made it this far, then let us go for miles

With his extended permission

All access, you can have it

Turn around, I will let you grab it

Bells and whistles; watch me move these tassels

Circular motion, come show me how you hoop

Put my mind on a loop with the hoops that I have had you jumping threw

Let me show you Plutonio Anew

While I please you gently, until we are through

GOD’S love will always be renewed

I will love GOD more than you

Do not let that make you uncomfortable!

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