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Heavenly Location

I awake with a smile


Images in my mind of us in our mansion

I write and I rhyme

I transform in my mind

To design

Thoughts across miles

I awake with a smile

I could not even say who would have known

We are far enough into the future that the path was shown

An equal connection

Reckless separation

Time spent mending memories

Pieces of eternity

Greetings from Heaven to Earth

Of course we meet there first

My seventeenth chromosome was previously the topic of conversation

Now I relax and create child-size mazes

Fun for all ages

My fallopian tubes provided

Now our loving children are learning

In Heaven Lewis, my eyes are burning

That damn gender reassignment surgery has stolen

My bloodline?


Artificial intelligence droids


They surveil our home

Teach when they are wrong

They being my Prince

Isaiah ‘Pub

My rose, my plum

Statements to include the Princess

Michelle Melissa

This is titled “Playing House,” but it is not a diss to you

Peace provided

I awake with a smile

Thoughts of my spiritual departure drive me wild

I arrive in my physical body

Laying next to my soulmate


Peace provided

I think back to Heavenly dates

Dates where you stated your case

Clearly wanting kids

Three kids

But where?

Lil Pub is Heavenly granted

Michelle firmly planted

Four feet across the plain

They fly in different lanes

Paint with different arts

I cry a different pain

Miscarriages I do not understand

Partial male intersex pain

XXYY Syndrome DNA


GOD previously told me it was like color by number

The joke?

I wonder

A joke I ponder

My children wander

Supervised mindfulness

Jesusine vision bliss

The distance created

We will seek different angles

To relocate and discover

To build a home with one another

Music playing from my lover

To serenade over tracks and practice

I sit still- interacting

Move fast- action

Architecture on my mind

The chip implanted will root the plan

In my ghost writer lane

He streams my beats

My words

Pieces departed

The ghost writer started

Arranged in composition

They compete?

I guess I am the competition

Net worth and royalties

Skyscraper over the masses

Greater than or less than?

Greater than average

Average above the greatest

Word soup to trap the haters

The masses I amass have provided a means

Heavenly Chaos and Keith Major

The dream team

Simple statements to remember our mansion

The children

The witnesses

Down here on Earthienie we will attempt to remain intact

Memories, children

All that

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