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I love, Love

Swirling faces we painted

Above delaying the secret faces

Chasing faces

Babe, I love our language

Hated, the nights

We moved without a bite

Hike without a kite

I move through this mic


Hike hile

Mike mile

The golden scroll given on my 103 and third day

That you would make it to my face

6/7/2023, yes, fate

But I owe you other ways; other lanes

Sip’s subpar games

Those other lames

Out of my face, Shae’

My new bestest


Meaning my soulmate best

These lines, swept

The rest, off my chest

I digress

Nothing less than second best

I am above all of the rest

Second chest

My breast in a nest

A192145 boob wild

My shoes? High

Without you, I ride

That means rivers, oceans




Roasting seafood across the nip

Alcohol greater than a fifth

Nothing nipped

Chosen skips

The bars I wip

So, we should be setting tables

Different angles

I owe the masses

The places, tabbing

Bitch I’m grabbing

Never laughing

At the dollars I ration

Super fasting


I’m lasting

Tasing, super-aiming

Miles super faded

Let’s go to Fiji to create basements

Noah’s mansion, in our gazes

Our home, listening trees



I decree

I am ultimate being

Secrets of our basements

O assuming


Masters painted waves outdated, facing


Faces bitches painted after

Theses lines I capture



These lines gather


Heather feather smothered lasted

Fasting schmochlastic

Scholastic after capture


Smothered masses

After grabbing

My man, I’m after

His list, last


I am his master

Smothered capture




Rest East West


Best overswept

Nothing less than the best, I am one, simple pawn

But a rook

A knight

A shook

I mean my bishop

Hear my heart whisper


Listen baby

Their hearts are fading


Basements: bury

I carry



I am, without reason

God, GOD


Reason, simple beating


Reason season

Basquiat pleating

Jean my reason for a meeting

My chosen artist, for this I bargain



Never lasting


Plied fifth

Miles went

Stocked an inch

Bocked a bliff

Spots, fit in

Stocked again

I’m stocked, that’s Slim

I mopped again

I copied him

Spit fast and gobbled him

I cobbled him

Over a “Monster” then I gobbled him

That’s right

I’m in

I love you again

That’s right, fifty to Slim

I loved over the inch

Over the rim

That’s right, straight bodied him

In the inch

In the isles of the studio I copied a fifth

The miles I sit

I want a chance over the inch

I stock

I swim

I am over the inch

My chosen Slim

That’s right I’m over the inch

I ahnilate the bench

Over the bench

Coped an inch

That’s right, Slim it’s over again

I write, I’m in

That’s write

I want in the gifted Dreamhouse

The over channel ROC Nation and I’m out

Systems finest on Apple Music, then I’m out

In the fillets I be casting out

Fish I be carrying out

Bodies I love to drop

Karats I would love to cop

“Think You The Shit (Fart)”

I air it out

I bagged a Nicki Slim

I wear it out

I wrote the song

Spray it out

Seasons clout

Wear it out

Nicki flopped

That album, stop it

Nicki beat and my name is the killer boss

I want you to know I’m against Nicki at all odds

She couldn’t even stand to speak against the trails

This bitch calls my phone one more time imma knock her out

Straight systems trial

From hornets in denial

Of my gang, open wide

Jesusine sent me



But I Love her

Nicki, Child

Stop calling me because I own your masters

Nicki, darling, c’mon catch up

Systems fair stuff

Nicki, Nair, buff

Growing over the mile stuff

Pussy finest hairy weary stuff

Pussy fine brush




Pokémon tough


My mind going

The miles I dip


The systems trial

Oh, you know it

Nicki, I would let you under my oven

The system is coming

You are not a brethren

I will have you know, “have a fifth”

That means “shut up bitch”

My phone is buffed and blocked, I’m just saying

I hacked my own shit, wrote the code, that’s what I’m saying

Over your voice on my dial tone

Phone home

Your man in your home

His dick is up the ass of your only throne

Your son

Your home

He raped


You hit

“Yeah, well, you know”

That I love you

Now you know

Fuck you bitch

Your time must go

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