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I Once Said…

I once said “I love you”

Out of fear that I would lose you

Spiritually raptured

At the time, afraid to be captured

I once said “I love you”

Because I felt it

In my goodbyes I wanted you to know

Needed you to know

I once said “19 57 1957”

I used Lewis numerology to tell you

Yet, you did not know

So, I kept saying it

Once I said “I miss you, but…”

However, there was nothing to miss

You were here, for days on days

Gone for hours maybe, to return with a hug

Greetings with emotions

Feelings displayed

So hopeful

I once said “I love you”

I once said “Why am I seeing far enough into the future?”

Yet, I found you

Here, in my bed

In my arms


To love and please

Provide a fulfillment need

Us for more than what we currently see


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