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In The Distance

I paint pictures of happiness

Between us the brushes are ruined

Classical art painted


Gaslight, as you would say

Images of us in foreign lands

To never be surrounded by people again

Unless we are traveling

Just you and me

You and I

To see sights in my eyes

Through my eyes

Border lines


My love has no end

The thoughts I comprehend

Attempt to pull you away from me

But I will be set free

Set me free

Free me from the noise

Of chaotic choices

To speak and invite

Against the plan in my life

They seek and I hide

They gather beneath the skies

I travel through distant skies

Check the mirror

My right eye

Left eye

Some eye

Heightened emotions developed

I “19 57 1957” in instant pleasure

To testify that I love

My beautiful angles greet you with roses

At least three

But did you know this?

In Heaven we made a plan

To raise children

United man to man

Sublime pain sifts through our hands

Sand in the hourglass

I want to marry you in my chosen land

One day, we shall see

The fated eternity

Beings with emotions

Firebombs smoking

To elaborate, our emotions will have us chocking

I miss you but

I love you

I must

I speak love through the characters

I witness love

You are above average

My spoken language is time

Although these true rhymes I decline

Simply by not rhyming

Unify our love in circular symmetry

The radius simply

Combined our diameter

Our lives parameters

Destined to be greater than

In this life

You are my man

The distance could never

Yet we face different weather

Calmed with simple pleasures

I want to show you all of Heaven

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