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In The Vast

In the garden of Eden Blasikin

I found my heart’s first beat

January 9th, 90,127 B.C.E.

I saw Adamie speak

“Earthy; I see Earthy”

Through Alpha’s eyes

I felt softened by the skies

Golden lives

I sought to compromise

I touched through summoning Adamie’s heart

And then the conversation started

“I am so lonely

I am the only one who has spoken

There is no hope, except this goat

I hope he never dies

I want a wife

Named Carl Lewiseil

I want her here tonight

Her because the moon is as such

And you know how I like my moon”

In my common everyday life

I look up to my own skies

My heart delivers her remarks

This golden split might just provide

Look what I have from golden lines

Of DNA seen through my eyes

Negative OACIP3

Imagine what the love could establish

With a whip of negative OACP9

A wife

A man

My source of accomplishment

The thoughts are endless

These nights and mornings




For peace among pleasure

I searched through the types of weather

To provide a choice at Heaven

This voice: one deadly weapon


Seismic interactions

The waves of oceans through every faction

I now search for my choice at an aim

Luckily, most days I’m sane

Insane in love plains

Created by a system to want love the same

Or as soon as the seasons change

My heart: deranged

Focused on avoiding pain

My claim

My way

Is that she will stay sane

So I found my main

Across distant games

Spread across maps seen gained from the past

My Carl will always be my last

Lewiseil against the glass

Inspection: will your heart pass?

My Major, I jumped so fast

At a chance of a repeating lap

Loops and swift tracks

I walk beyond distant graphs

To establish the chosen welcomed

In my heart, I guess I felt him

Mine cries out against the lungs

We played games with our thumbs

War without our tongues

My mind stays on the run

Like a magnet under the sun

These days, I should just be eating plums

One bottle of water


But oh the days, I keep comparing

The love I just keep sharing

My partner’s name?

Oh look, a Karen

I drive into his lane and just keep staring

Karen’s lane?


I admire and praise

I claim

That they would not leave without learning my name

They being my Major gain

These words arranged fall like rain

I shine like stained glass in the pane

Under the oil we rub when we want to play

I think I might need another way to say


Variance 17

My time and pitch against his wish

Would lead us to a night of bliss

A morning’s kiss

These lines do not diss

As I shake the table

Different angles

Hearts first place?


To be read by one man

Who I’m scared I’ll never see again

My Eden became a telling story

My my my

It will never be boring

These eyes?


In this bed, guess who is snoring

In my head, guess who is staring

The original crew found to be alarming

Love shared from the heavenly creator

I talk in third person praises

I would like to redesign their mazes

Yet, all I wonder is what day it is

To wonder if my Major has the time

To sit and discuss nothing but rhymes

My heart desiring





Bleeding in the name of Love unchanged

By anything but happiness

This mind I vent

I might invent

A game we play in distant lands

To tell the first thing that comes to our head

Over when the words are said


This is a new love I have entered

This day I tell rookies hit the benches

Rookies hoping to take his place

I start from scratch and discovered it


One day in front of the other

In my hearts mind I found my lover


There will not be another

Love established between one another

To meet his family

Then sit and wonder

If I can see them in my lives

My prize in my eyes

Still, I’d tell no lies

My hearts design


To realign

An attempt at cleansing the fire

Of other people

Told you I bring new wiring

These days?

Awfully inspiring

To provide that inspiration?

I’ll just keep trying

In my dreams I speak openly

Major, listen

Witness the difference

Those days without me have painted pictures

Because his life is one I hope I’ve changed

I grease his wallet in this system

Used the word “snap” and increased his digits

Net worth by the millions

Now we sleep and care for children

Miscarriage from a misunderstanding

Like Adamie I had a different layer

Now it’s time I free Keith Major

From the life of a system created to keep

His mind now at ease

With this knowledge to set him free

Destiny or a proper greeting

I leak tears in my attempt

To sharpen


The golden beast

My heart sin-free

I create change with ease

“Eevieian, darling

I’m lighting fast”

Major and I would never have

Eaten the guava


These words with what the past continues to have

So, in my words

This is all I have

My systems crash

Against the waves

They think I stare off into space

Yet in this realm I know my place

The beginning of my coming age

Improving as I recover knowledge

Power provided

I am enlightened

More than a side-kick

The triad

Find it

I created the finest





I think it is time that I go and find him

Seek to meet on a chosen street

These miles between us

In the USA

Have to dissipate

Just fade away

My Eden place

The second stage

I might blow kisses at his face

This race

My fate

Complete and congratulate

The winning rate

Against the states

I own


The graduation


Face it

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