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The mirror calls, but I hide

Revealing myself clothed in skin

As clothing attempts to clothe, and comfort me

Conceal my nudity

Am I naturally oily?

Dry me

GOD, continue to strengthen my heart as I face myself

Bare it all to the world

Weight gain

Temporary leased occupancies

Mental afflictions that have affected my mental capacity


A gender reassignment surgery at birth

Which has "corrected" what was not accidental

However, I do not have body dysmorphia or gender dysphoria

I am spending life with gender identity issues

Spiritually rich with The Holy Spirit

My mental blocks are an issue

Paranoid, should I kiss you?

My life, some of my misplaced issues

On jump street, so I will not diss you

I am not alone, but some of you inspired me

Never leave me alone, GOD

Spiritually rising, flying high

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