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Jesus Anew

Conversations with my Heavenly Father has me conflicted. Technological advancements have furthered my mission. If only science could correct my twitching, or help me communicate better with someone we have both been missing. Silent meditation, listening to a one-sided conversation. With no response of my own, GOD says I am very complacent. Listening to my father, you are all no longer adjacent. Follow my lead, or follow the clouds that are above you-racing.

I love you all, despite your fall. I am not concerned about their flaws. Learning my place in this society; there was a price on my head, and a spike through my body. I am updating my blog: unpaid work for my hobby. They pray on my down fall in an immortal body. Painting my canvas, words taken lightly. I am the Messiah, and enemies want to fight me.

I have conquered the Devil, in fact I do it nightly. In this mortal body allotted, still high and mighty. Slaying their dragon Eve, their threats are taken lightly. Blaspheming my father, we dare Lucifer to try me. A love like ours, he is here, blindly. I am trying to console my pain; no longer trying to bite me. Yet he continues to hide; he will not even write me. Consuming my words, barely breathing. Anxiety attacks- why are we not speaking? Souled out, what have I been thinking? Soulful, behind the eyes currently blinking. Mindful, of my peaceful sobriety. Terrified, of the night he is no longer beside me. Tempting, although he is right beside me. Blissful, our father knew he would find me. Alarming, he is not trying to hide me. Wishful, that he does not confine me. Thankful, that he has fueled my sobriety. Frightened, trips to heaven, I go there nightly. Wistfully, painting the clouds, sub my writing. Grateful, I am the key to sincere love. Trying, to get the world to invite me. Stronghold, the light inside of GOD. Defenseless, motor mouth does not like me?

Fluid conversation, even as I am writing. Willfully, I abide through our fighting. Crying, without tears from our body. Gliding, over civilizations on the daily. Superman, they are still trying to appraise me. Gazing, at true love’s reflection. Reflecting copper, take a gander at my complexion. I am hopeful that I sustain an erection. I am not compromising, my body for a diamond.

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