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Just Say I Do

The sage* was vexed by a blockade, knowing that he was previously sanctioned for traveling down a road which was man-made. It was pure fate that he found himself traveling in your direction, so now he seeks to glorify your name with his favorite avocation. As he authors this authentic pairing of words intended to avow, he yearns for the gift of your presence as he awaits to stand trial. Although he would rip a hole in the space-time continuum with the turn of a dial, he believes that these words are needed to reconcile. Circumstances in life have divided you like a wedge, although he is hopeful that you two will honor your pledge. No longer "out of sight, out of mind;" your love is begging to unwind. In fact, he would like to unify; a societal taboo he would like to defy. All he is asking is that you try to understand the two-spirit transgender who resides inside. While he may be visibly male on the outside, you should know that she is a huge portion of his pride. In unison they ride; this truth will not subside. You are both charismatic and charming, but these traits should not be alarming. As you drink wine and toast to love unchanged, know that these feelings will remain, because you two are one in the same.

*Sage: one (such as a profound philosopher) distinguished for wisdom

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