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Keith Major Learn My Name

I am listening to my new muse Keith

Major moves when I removed his briefs

I am stronger than your thoughest metal

Allow me to express myself

Raise your net worth while you are looking into my eyes

Versed in vocabulary thought to enchant

In my life I would like to never repent

Toss the dollars

$50,000 from the Wi-Fi

Turn on the Tidal HiFi

I am listening to my heart this time

The nights we spend

The words we rehearse

This gift

My curse

These eyes they call "Ocean Eyes"

With a chestnut hue

May I observe you and enjoy

The beauty of your outer shell

Let me, let you, escape hell

This music game I know so well

My time


This relationship will bring stacks

Eyes closed

Weave backs

Quick snap

Sneak a kiss

While my member reacts

Snap back

Hit me up real quick

Every time I cross your mind

I only hope to blow your mind

Bang with my words and shapes

My eyes

My shape

My stars reign down from outer space

The Earth shall be controlling the sky

Yet here I am with this beautiful guy

The Earth will be controlled by pullies and chains

This ball



Quick ring like I am on the app


They are bad

Systems crash

The game rehashed

Learn my name but do not track my path

Their surveillance powered on like my friend rose from the cross

The judgment of Jesus Holy Christ Zion Pluto

I am a new Man

First life of loving advice and words I like

My old strife

Love outside

Think twice and repair what was once there

We need to converse as writers and secure the bag

Treasure chest map and a hot wheels lap

Rroum room car crash

Can you fix the broken hearted?

Sure, let me show you

I come from the Heavens

The place where love started

I can rearrange your emotions

Stopped heavy crying while we lie lying

Let us speak love into existence

With love over madness

Beauty over bad bitches

My net worth will stress hired thefting hit men

My one chance to fix your heart

You sing about a departed soul while I am in Heaven

My pockets are swollen

Peter Pan and Wendy's life

Why did the pirate fly?


The love, for the love, of the one I admire

The lights are turned on because my fire started

My heart

High blood of only THC





We woo

We woo

The Knights we welcome

The rooks we buy

Let us play chess and just get high

Why lie?

This drug is valued and welcomed

Tell me-

We met, so you are repaired

What broke you?

From the first beat to the last break

The mind I create

The walls I will break

The hearts we will replace verbally and physically too

Keith Major- hurry- come see the Savior

I will save your number and elevate your soul later



You said " Do not jump, do not dance "

Honey Babe

I vogue, I prance

My moves move angels to unknown lands

I would like you to say "shall we dance"

My body moves waves


The moon is my higher, bigger stage

I thought my heart was out of place

You snatched it, first place

My miles while you were not in my life


Paved my name on the hearts of ex lames

They fell for my charm

High risk alarm

But, what was your name?

Keith Major, say "Hi" to the losing haters

Bye pussies, we will see you later

Tell my man to buy some Reese's

While I pick at rappers snapping pieces of medal




The tips I could create for you

The main play of my heart is conquer

Secure the love of a fallen broken heart survivor

Tell my rivals to cut my diamonds



Limewire criming

I will "Die a Diamond" so just take my risen heart

My heart glistens

The gardens we will stomp through

Vandalize as our feet hit the pavements

My heart parted ways so I had to force a repair

The lover I love?

Oh, I stare

Keith Major came over and laid the pipe

Mario Kart Tour

Tank your dick in my cart all you like

Now I, Heavenly Chaos, will head to ROC Nation

The days we are blazing

My life with you could be amazing

Laying down like "bitch I am lazy"

They call me crazy baby

Let me take you pudding

I am Harley Quinn

Come lick my bosoms

But I am also the Joker

I will take your lady, Man

I was born intersex, so sex will always be amazing

"If Love Was Easy" you would have said it by now

I am not the one to be frowned upon

The gowns I am around

While I conquer a Decepticon

Turn the lights down to the power of six



Major your ex is pressed

My man came home like a constant second guest

May I lay down and relax

Take you to outer space

To collect enough stars to reach first place

Challengers beware of being in my race

That is all



I will pass you all and increase my rank

First GOD

Then a bigger bank

Bigger studio

Winning case

Grammy place

I write from space in my library lane

The chosen few already know my name

Now it is all time they all know my name

Now it is all time they know my




Now it is time they all know my name

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