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King Me

These words are a distinctive weapon


Sexually protected

I have multiple passwords

I learned my lesson

Electronically, internet programmer trust haphazard

Address this issue

There is no second guessing

Rather around- grab the tissues

This love cannot be described

My love life

Microscope of surprise, dodge, and lies

Just not as bad as Lucifer

My jester who fell through the sky

June seventh two-thousand and sixteen after Death , I multiplied

My Heavenly and Earthly form

Judge jurors and judgement date still a surprise

You like the bars I spit

Times two

"King Me"

Grand prize

My words, they love them now

Back then, they cut me down

Fig trees, there is no need to frown

Fig newtons, I could use some now

Crown me King!


Yes, now!

I was not ever initially petty

Sloppy spaghetti wingspan heavy

A beautiful life that is longer

Socially petty

"Insecure" but ready

My features Mizadariahti

Without Lucifer's case

I would not have to replace

The Supreme Court Judges and Scholars in ninth, sixth, and second place

I previously loved him

Lucifer, I am around

Carterin the 32nd

Swept up to lie in the ground!

The moon, come watch this worship

The sun who is the lesser star blindly

Fulfilled his purpose rhyming

The starts linked to my heart


Lighting and designing

Architecture my newly resseructed

Arrangements fostered a new horizon

My Highest Reign, the Highest gain

These rhymes like rain

They go insane

They turn arenas into empty lanes

They do not blow up planes

Into empty moss: empty large churches

To set across the globe and their walls

I crawl, wail, and yield

Nine rules

Crawling through the transitional field


They enjoy my edited chapters and verses

The carbon flaws of drunken Schauls

The waterlog of Christmas Klausse

Lunar cycle

Where is my home planet?

Thing One and I

Morning rain, we never plan it

The Mayans knew

6,985 Christ Eernal blues

Godly reign

Formidable planet hues and horseshoes

Mars is soon- they never landed

Pluto has lunar cycle energy

Haters will not offend me


Just watch me glisten

Bucket tub of a bucket list

I still dream about Myles

Miss King, nice list


The height list

With you I will write this

You have the clouds in the wrong height


Quite pissed

Babel reflecting

Wormwood just resting




Monetized weather

These money labels are funny

They cut the deed

Then blank disease

They reversed diagnosed a given disease


Corona blew it

Safely mine and distribute it

My Earthly crown is 14.42karats

Kemar found my chain

Well he can not have it

Afterpeak Morning


Step out but do not cheat

Blank checks

Missed leaks

Soul mate dance

Second chance

To decididly prance

Like "Papohiaho"

We go and grow

My whine

My flow

Superman is at your door

Paranoid where?

Third lived Rapture

Who I might just have to rapture

Golden chains

Stolen advances

The artistic representative

Their stocks

Let us see them crashing

That forgotten top-stone

Urkrainian people stay strong

They have Babylon's longitude wrong

Although I lowered it

Under my crown

The Chicago walls

Satan's church must come down

The fallen reignment

Dissed, prayed, and bent

Your King

So many failed arranged moments of bliss

The stars in my eyes

So I hide behind a disguise

Man my thoughts are not running wild

Onto pages

In order


Right in the kisser

With the right type of smile

Heavenly Chaos, my lyrical name

This mic, a choice at fame

This fight, their golden planes

Ignite false prophets who have no known claim

Fulfill my spirit

Rose and conquered the grave

The Holy Raptured Jesusine Pluton

Take a glance at 592772's Israeli name

Jesus Holy Christ

I call him "Thing 1"

My main

We keep off of the dancing scene

Marble floors and rising pains

Slaming backs and not riding crash planes

The sonic waves

Mental planes

A bagel


My spirit fling

My heart go "bang"

While he calls "Thang"

I rhyme and nicely claim

To the Highest of the Reign

My Father's Aramaiac shame

Eternal billions before GOD'S name

Jesus Pluto

A lee


A rap

I spit

I do not musically strap

Or trap

I rap

Rapture: might as well just miss you

Team destroy

Then flee reign mentally

This is who I was meant to be

Just learn my damn name

Poetry is my favorite game

It is a shame

I am so damn tame

*June 7th, 2016 A.D. using the current Gregorian calendar my heavenly form was in the firmament for all to see.

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