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Heavenly Chaos vs. leXamiLLi_SG

You are the realest in your game, wow

I see some strangers allowing a lame man through the crowd

They are pointing fingers, but those are your friends, you are in the same crowd

Yes, I said it: "I am breaking my chain now"

Damn right my whole crew changed, they met me

Speaking in tongues- cat grasp

That has been me

You are all confused, so watch how you address me

Labor Day rules, change the color of your dunce cap


I told them to "Follow my lead, and drop everything"

Now watch the masses flee

They tried a King for blasphemy

The children are chasing after light speed

Keep up: do not flash and burn in this star's light

Some of you are lost

Look for that Northern light, and it will set you right

You are laying pins?

The Forth Rider will lay your whole family out

You better invest in a burial plot

Stoner gang?

You had to get high just to write that?

I closed the app for a second

Then thought of a new punch line, so I said “run that back”

Murder gang?

Stay in your lane, or crash on your dirt bike

This is not "Ride2," so be careful with your first life

Also, "Pause!"

Who raised the shooter on your left?

Your safe word has been inked on my chest

I will show a sign of good faith

Here is my bulletproof vest

I will rest, and put my feet up

Change places if you need to rest

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