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Lingering Scent

I am wearing your hoodie, and somehow your scent still lingers. It has been over a year now, yet I pull it closer- intertwining the fleece between my fingers. Frequently in the past I have found myself wondering "what if?" Imaginations and fantasies cross my mind like GIFs [graphic interchange format]. I wanted off of the roller coaster, but time has taught me that I was never strapped in. When we met I was "under construction," so now I wonder what could have been. As "Love Lost" by Ta-Ku comes on my shuffle, I am driven further into the abyss. "Indistinct chatter" over an instrumental, but ignorance is bliss. My thoughts are distinguishable, my words are audible. My feelings are indescribable, and my emotional receptors are inoperable. System failure; initiating reboot.

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