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LOL; Sorry

LOL, Sorry

It should have rained that day

I will never be the same

24 karat gold was etched into my brain

I am ready for Alpha to reign

LOL, Sorry

I see the stars in my eyes

Filters I do not understand have revealed my disguise

Craving full understanding has been my demise

There is no need to sugarcoat it with lies

LOL, Sorry

Alpha came with the clouds

I am interstellar

My love dispersed the skies

What am I to do in the meantime?

When music is my only natural high

LOL, Sorry

I closed my eyes, and I relapsed with weed

The lights stopped flashing to reveal what was unseen

Pyramids, five perfect geometric shapes, marine dolphins, and much more

LOL, Sorry

ABBA, you dismantled my entire world

I wanted to get so numb that I inhaled weed until I felt like I was falling through the floor

I recited the "Our Father" prayer, and GOD said "Hi"

I want to be with him so bad that I am prepared to sleep

LOL, Sorry

It does not help that some famous people want to meet me

We are just not on a first name basis

That is my arrangement

Without GOD here, I am in no rush to change it

LOL, Sorry

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