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I wish the ice cream man

Or woman

A being

Cold season

New reason

My beating in the bed

Scholastic underlapping

Simple interactions

Close to close interactions

Now finding my chosen treat

This is the day for me to lay you down

Ice cream dripping from above the skies



Dripping down

Ice cream all around your trouser

Or gown

On all fours

In the bed I was found

The voices in our head

The common treat

Now give me head

Now give me

Give me


Be greater than a Rice Krispie treat

Buck up Destiny

Nutcracker Hershey’s

Daring car seats

Our children on our backs

Flying through Heaven at 25




Thirty five

My destiny date

A marriage plate

Soulmate fate

Bent over a lake

These are the smoothest rhymes

Choruses change at the drop off a dime

Rhymes outline

My voice with these lines

Riding forward in his eyes

Circular motion

Whirlpool suckling

Twisted fate

The flip flop rocket

The penis conspiring

To shoot a shot at the target

The heart already filled with bliss

Bill will not forget this


William notice this

Notice me

Kisses sweet

Retinas pierced

By my eye’s glance

Capturing my man

Snapped memories

Convenient stand

Penny stand

Thirteen for the ice cream man

Lick it slow from the top

Fast from the bottom

Slow, fulfill my throttle

The warm milk without a bottle

Rocked to sleep in all directions

I answer your thoughtful questions

Pleasure first

Yes we can play

The action of interactions on backs and laps

Flip over, try that

Tossed over the bed


Quickly elated

Witness the greatest

Intelligence quotient mastiered

The fortunate buds relieved my knowledge

I’ve been searching since before I left college

For my Master

Now my Major

In beds where we need paintings

The code of my mazes

Catch a glance at my dimension

Open doors for my favorite package

You are fucking the spiritually raptured


I nut faster

Prostate relaxing

To find your sweet motion

Hydrogen in my eyes

Fluid ocean in my motion



These are the lines that win Grammies

My fan base will testify


Roses thrown while I cry

The gift of inspiration seen through my eyes

Provided you are in my life

In my life

Provided you are in my life

The stroke of genius applied in multiple ways

The shaft in my hand

Golden plans

The stroke of genius

Where do we stand?

While Dick is standing

Landing his member to the target

In this life, for this I bargain

Time and pleasure

Over lines and beats

Soulmate pleasure peak

Target reached

Babe, Major look

I’m cumming

These weeks and days

Ice cream land

The golden plan

The miles we span

Golden ticket in hand

Spiraling down the water slide

How hot do you like your ride?

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