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Lowest Richest King


I am not a peasant across the weather to blow you down, feather

Weather daring at the words, clearing Fiji

Bitch, beat me

Wheat? Me?

I potato the turkey you eat, such worthless treats

Dine? I feast

Your lines? Weak

My smile, speak aloud

I have found my Man, my mile: my trial

We are out the basement

Checkmate to your faces

Heavenly Chaos:

Lookie here, Bear: beware

The voice you shoot at me I could clear

Mute you voice across all noise

Your moist

Vagina choice

Still unhappy, satisfied sappy

Your laughter, maybe

At his dick in your womb

My tomb

The words you shall consume

You lost thirty three precent of your blood

My hood, your roof

These words I shoot

A prodigy?


I am Eminem’s favorite, the words I’m spraying

Peasant bitch eat your three potato chips


Where? Your 38% fat




You lacked

I stack, above the Nile temple Trials

I am above all miles


My angels in my eyes, twenty lines, twenty minutes

The commas, present

Your lines?

Bitch, wettest

Meaning peasant, eleven types of oceans

I’m wetter

I’m better

I’m Jesuseine supreme water being

600 feet tall in my purple golden shawl

The richest? I disperse

66 billion, 100 million to the CDC, Inc.

My 1000th

Bitch, Proof howling

My Rolls Royce mileage: I created the body


My miles, tale tales

Your secrets fail

You overwhelm

The time tell

Swells sell Dales pail

Your lines fail, stories you tell

Lied four times, well

The life you yelp

After getting fucked

Lollipop, Majorpop felt

Stories felt, swell

Oh well

Balls fell

But swell

My Man? Bigger fell

But you are on all fours

King of All Kings


Heavenly Chaos:

Well, bitch, bore

I scored

Your man is a whore!

Was that a capital?


I swam, in lights across pans


In pan

With my Man

In a life of 24 years

These are clear

I swear - God, … GOD Bear

Golden armory wear

Lair Nair

Take fares


I’m at your office

This notice on your coffin

These Masters, bitch yes I bought them

Your twenty five percent across board


The lanes I snore

Same shores

Drawls over yours?

A loose vagina- girl

Four inches wide, your man hitting miles




He nutted? Oh

He lied

Simplify it

Simple, tie it

Buy it


My fifth, the lines bliss

Miles beach bitch

Your mile smile with a vocal fist

My voice at your lip

For your lost kiss

My divorce

Golden force

My Rolls Royce

Stiff choice

I created the fleet of Royce



I want it

Felt it



Noise over choice I welcome the pose

Poised swell over well

Oh well

Your Daddy fell and shot himself

Your Momma tripped over a shelf

Systems fail

Their lives?

Your game

You caused each one the same

Camera 374567987321788.98712

Baby Boy D’ussé

Pushed a tea grabbing lady

My favorite sky grabber, breaker

The first EGOT lady

I waited

First based it

Bitch, basements you nutted in

Were nutted in

Nutted in

Pockets thin

Broke again

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