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The Hopeful Friend

Quietly he sits second guessing

There is a yearning for more

A desire to be sure

He is in search of a love he has never known

From love which was blindly shown

Love lost to the days of living and wondering

With questioned hope he wavered his love of the skies

Real is all he knew, and he could understand why

Of all the beings he ran into me

Fresh Jesusine Pluton Harmon

Alpha over Omega

My heart over the confusion

Your bruises that I could heal

Those eyes steal my gaze

Your heart beats at my pace

This life could be easy with you and I in first place

Our coach could be GOD as he instructs

Fueled by the stress I bring

The Rebirth, the Advent

I am The Second coming of Christ

Nicely written: I am a poetic prophet

You need guidance

Allow me, The Enlightened

Although it does not get higher

He is shining, brightly

I am the knight to the true King

The Creator of the universe

Discussed in a poetic verse

My rapture came, and my love was dispersed

The life you rehearse without GOD in your heart

Has not been a losing race taking you back to the start

As an agnostic you have so much to learn

You love and learn, and now it is my turn

To teach, and inspire

The lines are crossed, but I bring new wiring

Heaven sent, I am awake trying

To merge our eternal GOD with those surrounding me

Experiences discussed, and pictures painted

GOD mentioned in absence

Delivered from me

To set you all spiritually free

I could grant you entrance into Heaven

Place my hand on the thighs of my elder

Calm their potential anger

This war fueled with intentions to acknowledge

Our HIGHER POWER with the crowds around us

Gentiles: Atheist

The lost masses misplaced

Come join the winning race

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