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Luke 22:42

I am reaching for the goblet, but it is from my perspective

I am trying to make sense of all these fragment messages

I am cycling through memories- mentally- like I am stuck in a loop

I need some isolation: my own personal biblical school

My thoughts can be misconstrued

I knew they would find some of them puzzling

Sometimes, I do too

I vent as they cross my mind

That is the only time everything does not have to rhyme

I am tying to be transparent, but it is like they are reading my mind

I know I am in a different form now

I can remember the exact date

I grabbed it from GOD's right hand

It is almost like we were greeting one another

It is like I shook GOD's hand

I still can remember what the fingerprinting revealed

I know I will get another chance to see the stars, and the disguise

Which are hidden in plain sight

Slightly out of my grasp

I tried to read and meditate

I tried to bring it all back

My meditation started off with prayer hands, and ended with an explosion

The fighter-jet dropped a bomb on the target

It is like I am in my own war

I am watching from all sides

I was parallel to the jet in the skies

Seconds after a bomb exploded in front of my eyes

I am dealing with my own post traumatic stress disorder

It is like I am in my own trenches

I am twenty-six years old, but I really want to be in GOD’s place

I am here on Earth, trying to pave my way through the rat race

Happiness secured in GOD’s place

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