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Major Link

When we met, I erased my fear

I revised my plan to access my heart

This life might start

Reverse, thin lines


My life in the fast lane

I have unlocked

This mic which connects my words to my emotions

I am well spoken

I am no longer choking

These eyes connect and my words are carefully chosen

My mate

He knows this

Major, My Master

I like to ride and go faster

This game in a chapter

Fresh met Major

Their hearts are in danger

They have lost my attention

My heart has been rearranged

Focused on Major pleasure

The rain I create

The wave of oceans

I pray to the North that GOD would set me free

Now I know the love of Heaven

The love we all claim to need

I yearn for it, and with it I bleed

My Master Major, I covet

I beg, I plead

I need, I decree

For you to become my final Master

My hidden Champion

The Champ undone by The One Who was Welcomed

I am heavenly departed

Alpha to Major

I am your submissive partner

I am offering everything Heavenly to Major

My knowledge and time

This heart spilled over these rhymes

Their lines used to express the love shown from the beginning of time

Here between visions presented as beings

Beings with dreams and sights we wish others to see

The two beings Fresh and Major met

My sexual preference was thought of with a bet

When I met you my life reset

Face facts

New bet: a long lasting, enjoyable life

See my sights each and every night

I am spiritually raptured in times of trauma

I report to Abba Daba

These lines I create to describe the trying

He attempts to reunite


He says while my love shapes and develops

My heart ruptured


The feelings remain and the shape loses form

These words I allow to roam

Master Major

I gave you a key to my home

I stretch for you in jocks and thongs

I only know the life we create

The kiss on your lips from the words we express

Never to be second guessed

Erased; refreshed

There is nothing left when it comes to love departed

With you, Major, my love restarted

Just jump-started

My life with a compartmentalized heart

My Master Major broke the lock

Inscribed mine with a rhyme

I seek it to find

This love


Land mind

Crossing imaginative minds

Merging lives without escaping

Trapped in the cycle

Released with feelings and emotions

The witnesses are choking

The hope of Love winning

Major, collect your winnings

Master, Major, you have found your ending

There is no other

I trump competing lovers

I sub for my Master, then go Dom against targets

I rearrange their sights, and I engrave “Captain claimed Major”

Fresh avoids danger

Major moves their gaze to the pavements

These visual strangers

The lane I avoid

A life filled with boy toys

Grown men: I report to acknowledge

My pen expresses my knowledge

I identify then define

My character: all that I am

In love with the coaster

The tilt makes my ride smooth

This orgasm leads to an ooze

Master, Major please

I drool

I create oceans in swimming pools

This is a game I will not lose

Although the game is a winning route

Life figured out

Grand prize: cash out

The Major debit

The Love credit

Spent in abundance

The hearts our spirits crave

We bleed in ancient ways

Storytellers without the fire

Campfire in forbidden lands

Conscious thoughts in paragraphs

My Master Major likes to grab my ass

I went elementary

We passed each class

This starting line: I jumped, I dashed

I went as a test dummy for love and always crash

Minor hiccups

Major crash

Master, IV fast

In motion, effortlessly

You are my Master, endlessly

The time allotted


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