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I am living my life

Following my dreams

I am following my heart

It is not as bad as it seems

I have been falling for men

Although it is not immoral

Living life for myself and GOD

As long as we are both pleased

Playing manhunt like a cat

Am I over my mouse?

Running through this rat race

My Stuart Little must have found his way out

I am also making my way to the finish

It strikes me to the core

Now I want to claim all eleven oceans and the shores

All seven continents

Even though I kneel, I do not bow

GOD would let me, I was willing

GOD is too busy inscribing my crown

GOD does not want me to fall down

Our lost time

Spiritually, I could have drowned

I appreciate GOD's honesty

I am walking this fine line with support beams

31 years old, and I am Alpha in most of their dreams

But, sometimes I ignore GOD

GOD falls on deaf ears

I am trying to live a normal life

I am not even unable to function

The THC sometimes reveals my subconscious conscious fears

I can project conscious, subconscious thoughts into the reality

They occasionally pass like graphic interchange formats, and they started to bother me

The words were written in white

They were right in front of my eyes

They continued for only a moment

At least I ran out of fears to hide

“You love GOD”

“You fear GOD”

More four letter words

“You need GOD"

“You want GOD to talk to you”

This life is for the birds

I came here to love GOD

I came here to bless- and address- him

GOD is always calming me down

When fears repeated on the subway tiles

I ascended the steps to think

I guess I have abnormal fears

I guess I need to sharpen my shears

Carve into GODS' chest cavity, and just disappear

What am I supposed to do?

I just became the cat

This is going to be a photo finish with ease

Will I make it through the maze?

Can I make true love the way I pass relaxed days?

Playing "Mouse Trap," this is not a commercial

Some of them try to call me "Babe," and I allow it: infomercial

But, cats chase, and mice flee

I still have the will to mend broken family trees

I have the potential, but this was not in my plans

I want a different type of connection, so I have to mend my deep scars

I have to get used to reading between my own lines

Before I stray too far

There is a solar system I hide beneath my eyes

This is my psychological trauma

The words that are unsaid

This is a love, that hurts in the worst way

I am trying to go about my day

However, there is never a dull moment

We are too busy waving for the other's attention

We are buffing out the edges of our loves' misdirection

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