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Messiac Intervention

Heavenly Chaos: I am trapped inside the epicenter of a solar system.

Heavenly Aaliyah: I am "Living for life;" I just wanted to feast.

Heavenly Chaos: I am thirsting for holy water; and then the days will not cease.

Heavenly Aaliyah: I am looking for answers that will lead to peace within myself. Their domination only determines wealth.

Heavenly Chaos: I am not killing people in my sleep. I am the Son of God- and stealth won.

Heavenly Aaliyah: I am in a world so cold, that I have a story untold.

Heavenly Chaos: I am the light within the darkness, worried Satan stole my soul.

Heavenly Aaliyah: Here I am today with a six-month-old son; I want to see him grow old. Positivity is what his birth delivered to me.

Heavenly Chaos: Your son is a blessing, but spare the rod. Reconcile with GOD, and watch all of us fly through the sky. Paint a spaceship in his room- inspire him in a world of demise.

Heavenly Aaliyah: A battle that is fought in disguise leaves no room for a compromise. I could paint a spaceship in his room like he launched the enterprise.

Heavenly Chaos: “Starships were meant to fly.” I am not trying to plug Nicki Minaj, but “Hi.” Aaliyah Haughton; I did not even cry when she physically died. My research said that she died on September 9th, 2001 A.D.- that was such a surprise. I was frightened, and ten years old- there were planes in fields of planned compromise. I assumed Aaliyah was an Illuminati sacrifice, but the pyramid is in my right eye.

Heavenly Aaliyah: Instead of rocking the boat, I prefer it to float. Are you ready Kelly? It matters if she begun to bring rage. I am putting my pride aside to abide by the rules. Their words are adding fire to the fuels. A mask in a raid would end the parade. It is time to escape; there are bigger pictures to paint.

Heavenly Chaos: Are you reading my mind? Do you see those ships in GOD's firmament skies? I meditate on cruise ships, slave boats, and even Noah’s ark- float the boat all you like! Just keep in mind that GOD is our "Commander," these are GOD's battleships, so respect where GOD lands us. Beautiful imagery: there is so much to paint. There are so many sinners in the world, but the demons are not "Monster, Inc."

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