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Messiac Reign

Abstract: I woke up to an empty composition notebook, and OUR FATHER and I thought “why not?” It was primarily GOD's idea, so GOD started it off. Enjoy:

GOD: Hello children, welcome to our Heavenly meeting. I yearn for the day your spirit is bleeding. Souled out, the calendar is the reason. You murdered Jesus, now welcome to my body bagging season.

Heavenly Chaos: The rebellion was futile: Lucifer snapped GOD's neck, and GOD laughed. GOD was playing dead Lucifer, now we are playing tag. Leave me bloody, there is no time for a cleaning rag. When the blood starts leaking, you are all going to gag!

GOD: You are all going to die down there!

Heavenly Chaos: Lets make it last!

GOD: I asked if you wanted 400 years, your Moses is back. I lit the rod on fire, “Iron Man" who is that? * This imagination of ours’, children- Daughter Zion is back! Writers' block already? No, this is no passing fad!

Heavenly Chaos: To give GOD credit for my words? Line break; yes, this is that. When we speak consciously, I figure “why cut that off?" We finish each other’s sentences- we mirror each other. I am 26 and bored, searching for a lover. I am HIV negative, and in need of a rubber. I want an Earthly family, I have a niece thanks to my brother.

GOD: Haley Marie, the princess is three. She is another child that I love, my beautiful little Dove. So Son, chose among billions, willfully chosing from the broken children, and put on the glove: you are one amongst billions. I know, you know, you are one in a million. Christmas Day, they have your birthday all wrong. Make sure you inscribe August 22nd, 957.98478 A.D. on your throne.

Heavenly Chaos: The King is home when I close my eyes. “Welcome back Squirt,” Lucifer’s demise. He put himself in my place, but he will be stuck in the bottomless pit.

*Revelation 2:27- "And he shall rule them with an iron rod"

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