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My Soul

To you I outpour

All my struggles

All of my fears


That lead you to me this year

So clear, my dear

The ways you attempt to save

Just being you

So I’m after you

Soulmate switch

Like when you were seven

Back up in Heaven




I could not escape

The bond we formed

Simply at sight

First sight


Torn apart piece by piece

As you cried and wept

You spoke of love like you knew it

And it hadn’t left

Simply using adult words and thoughts

Your words echoed in my head

I processed internally

Before I spoke aloud

I was loud

“Holy shit!

A soulmates’ kiss”

Then came logic

I found it triggering

“But, you are only seven

And I am eleven”

Heart frozen in Heaven


Searching for sounds

Anything to hear that you understood

Or would understand

The given plan

To link and speak

As we aged



What are these numbers?

That kept you from being my lover

Mine against yours

My age drops their jaws to the floor

You found it intriguing

Each and every greeting

Explained July 18, 2015

In Heaven we had already made plans

And now, you are mine

My vocabulary struggles to reach

A deserving peak

From a low to a cliff

To a cliff

To a cliff

To be reached

I see sights

I see in the future

I see so clearly that you bring me to ruin

Loving you will cost me my life

Only at your touch

Seventeen Christ Eernal

Like I wrote it in a journal

The touch you will provide

So potent yet in disguise

Or, so we think

Yet I know

That you’ll say “Baby Jesusine”

Like they all used to say

Before attempting a poke

Yet my heart will not be able to tolerate your touch


I could initiate and reach out

We tested the theory

However when love is delivered

From the one who delivers

My soulmate against wisdom

My heart like a prism

My words like a vault

To describe until I die

That I can unify

Eternity with a being

A reason for longer than a season

In my heart, nothing but treason

The Creator, captured

My heart beats faster



Each spark only ignites

Fire inside my eyes

The moon shifts to a broken sky

Broken skies


Yet I am hopeful

Rebirth of my soul

Every six seconds

In this reality

There is no finality

Other than infinity

With my soulmate


Against all odds


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