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On The Prowl

They whisper internally

Men, you know how they can be

Know how they can be

Know how they can be

I know

See, they claim they can provide

Fantasy in my life

Complete unlimited rides

To be dropped off

To ride

Inside or outside

Balcony skies above and beyond

Their lives seen through my eyes

The invite

The plan

Those moments we never see again

Desired memory loop span

Second chance

Uncharted lands

Life in our hands


How do I decide

When in my mind I am the loving wife

Intersex male

But a wife

The usual submissive

I blink through Keith Major's kisses

Passion sparks

My heart glistens

Brittany to the left lung

She deflates

Pumps her breaks to pump

Then brake

My heart so full of infatuation

In the moment I am reaching

Those moments?

Face it



My time with them might not be hated

My mind tries to picture them

The person

The hopeful

The loving

Outside of a mirror

To trust things will get clearer

Clearer than a bubble


The miles I would travel

My heart


To never be overthrown

My soulmate

My Major

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