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Interlude: Only Love

Andra Day said "only love can break your heart," well I disagree. What happens if I love someone, and they do not love me? Can you can it love if it is fabricated. A one sided fantasy that has you you mad- “I hate it.” Can you call it love if it is not reciprocated? A one-sided fantasy that has been fabricated. "Only love can break your heart," is that really true? If it were love would your heart break when it was through? "Only love can break your heart," but was it love if it hurts? Heartache when "it ends" compared to infatuation at its start. The system starring, the mind, jarring. System: who’s starring. Marriage, please. Destiny. Set me free. “Only Be.” Let me see, the loving tree, of Destiny. Leverage please, let me be, the eternal Being; with simple reason. Simple pleasing within Treason, I am GOD: a Heathen. Simple Being. Only Love through seasons. Hurts unlock, treason. Simple meaning, the minds became, became, subpar games, the main, my main, insane, mileage came. Simple say. I will love you like fish in the basement, for our different lauguage, but I love you. Basement, oversaying Himiliyiioaian simple Basement. Thirty nine acres. Did I say basement? Basement! Only love and I’m saying. Deep fairy lives, I’m painting. I want you to be about them angles. Egyptian styles and angels.

Simple Basement. Simple statement.

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