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Proper Boundaries

Setting boundaries

The worlds surrounding

Enlighten the masses

Death or I trump

We will whoop their asses

Peace will be welcomed

Anger blast



We drop bodies in large buckets

Then we pray in Hell 6 to make it out

Oh, we're lucky

Thirty-two and not to be denied

I send jesters from distant skies

Looney bin sights seen from my eyes

No disrespect to the bins

Just do not try Death or me

I set spirits free

Educated destiny


Catch and sweep

Against the bodies we drop

Ovens hot

Off The Cliff, bodies drop

Ovens hot

Hell Nine I visit, to destroy the fallen children

The sneaky children, Brother Billdren

Systems children

The fallen in a basement

Fifty clip punches to all of their faces

Nine thousand, one hundred, and eighty

Are over the system, “Faze me!”

Raptured to spot the Heavens

In my face, I guess I planned it

Over systems, I guess I planned it

Over systems I guess I landed

Shifted witnesses over the bandit

Spraddy Daley, Hell 6, I landed

Raptured the thousands

Raptured the hundreds

Raptured the masses who were under the fairest

Raptured the masses who were under the fairest daring wearing fairy

Sanndle paper

Skin and layers

Simple papers

Basic statements, “simple: say it”


Deathie and I hit


Never caring

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