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Rapping to Major

Revisiting freestyle text via text

Although the conversations had a early start

The freestyle begins

Keith Major, hurry, come see the savior

I will save your number and elevate your soul later

Paired, connected, and linked via text

The clue is new, and rising challenges will be present

Do not be afraid of my loves weapon

I have targeted your heart with intentions to repair

My intentions will remain clear


Front and center

Where there is no renters fee refund for time spent

I was born, and housing was apart of life’s requirement

Take me out, because the sides are collapsing


Banished by my concern to please and rock you with my Alphaiac reign

I am semi-automatic with these thoughts of honesty

GOD enlightened me

Inspired me

The ghost writer hired me and excused himself

He met his match

Unloosed his cuffs and buttons

Only for GOD to hand me the keys to the kingdom

GOD is a source of light and information

My GOD just said ‘I love you’

Major, I want you to hear it from me one day

Ignore my Rice Krispie testes

Come suck this member babe

The conversation continues

Talks of multiple existing typos

The conversation heightens and falls with each text

The fun continued

Your belief that I could hack your phone

Creatively I could do no wrong

You come on over

I will be in my Savage thong

Come on baby

You have been missing

I fell asleep

Those hours I slept dreaming about some adorable, handsome guy

Keith Major

His music tells me why

Second person via your pen name

Soon I knew your last name

One day ours might be the same

Marriage has a dual name

It is a contract that says "things can get better the same way they began"

Stop thinking about your ex

I know his title

Six letters


I am last

I am past present

Love from Heaven to beyond

I am so far in the future I have to find a new foreign language this time

My thumbs work fast

This game I spit I will throw up fast

I think I hit my revolving door

Turn around

When we fuck can I call you a nasty whore?

I cracked the door


One man like you

Do not give me anymore

I like monogamy with my partner besides me

I like handcuffs and bodies rocking

I should be modest about that member

Inhale this feeling

Snatch a quick vision

I “switch lock” to see

I have no idea how far our relation vision could see

I had no idea you broke your heart then met me

I am going to always tell you to bless your food

Blow thinking about me

I am Hive

That is B

Bombs were released




Christ Eternal C.E.

So that is B.C.E A.D. C.E. C.E.

They roam the streets with a proper revision

The Almighty Risen Jesus Holy Christ Zion Pluto has no stop to his wisdom

Yes I am awake

Indeed that is no mistake

First prize called Grand Place

My Heavenly granted address secured your attention

Now lets think fast

Lets talk fast mentally and race

Grab my waist

Lay on my chest

GOD baptized me and secured my eternal happiness

Babe, who reads and says what?

Rereads, and then says I got it?

Your emotions?

I inspired them

Your Lyft driver is on standby

Paid casually cash free

Safety net


I bet you I rock this chosen ocean wet

Let me be your hero

All free line breaks

It all became clear

Ten fingers up

Five across my heart brings me peace and a restart

My potential love for you

Staring “The Broken Hearted”

The song was inspiring

Picking up the phone was good luck

Bullets shot around words that alarm

Developed alarms ring feelings to be described

To you I testify

I am the charming

I am Risen

The Almighty Jesusine

My charming meter is unseen

Win Keith Major

Now I have my calm back

Looped and replaying

Great thoughts, but I am just saying

My words are like magic

I mix syllabus with glue and pixie dust

Check this out

Thing is golden and well versed with knowledge

His IQ is 600 and climbing

Multiply by the hundreds

I skipped in a stance

In outer space in a chosen land

For me and my man

The secrets of my mansion

Tokens of rhythm

Flowing numbers are showing

Systematic witnessing error

Levels to reach I seek to ascend

Levels granted

I win

I slam

I am Champion

The system is broken

Gun smoke makes blood appear in shapes

Bodies that disappear

In the acid I create when I flood with my emotions

Those repressed and conscious

I was fighting for "Creed 3" to win

Referee, ring

Fight and end the box

In madness observed

I said nothing at all

Then said three words

“GODIE Birdie Fly”

Trips from Heaven

High fives

Major you look like you would like our hands to meet

In the silent park with beating hearts

Mirror check

My mission was a successful vent

Babe, read

The return button had second questions

Like “ha ha I challenge the button pressing

Can I replace with suggestions”

So Baby say grace

Completed decision

My life in multiple visions

The life I spend in Heaven with rappers

They tied their shoes together again

In a straight line


Look people

Small steps

Small wins

Character count check

Major, we did not let Steven win

I trace and reinvent


Baby, take a break and try again

You were here on my mind all day

I made it out of the happy ghetto with three dice and a golden cock

Look at these characters I got

I will show you Major

I will tell you Keith

Come to know you

Get to grow


Cuffs are for sex

Ankles and wrist

Come on over and have a night of bliss

Or mornings

GOD said this but the case was adjourned

I meet when calendars greet

To merge history and seek change

Look at how "Keith Major Learn My Name" finishes


Finish it

Cheat list

Bitch I hit every button

Head shot

Sub Zero and I

I win with zero losses

Try tweeting with killers and bloggers

I write my own shit

Your log is useless

Wormwood looks stupid

I killed his ass with weakness

Secured in a heart shot

Pleaded my love for marine life

Boomerang fictions in sight

I have a mic and a lot to talk about

This phone records

See that is what I am talking about

Character mission designed to please

All I did was swipe and read

After every line I conquer time

I invent

I am Alphaiac Alpha and GOD is my creation

You all sleep

Lie still

They know the deal

Cellular bodies to heal

Real deal

Heal with words sealed

2pac signed an iconic deal

Then dashed to Heaven to conquer a craft

Who said his years of learning went fast

They just started

Our rematches lead to his new losing reactions

I purgatory freeze and wake in Hell 6

Murders who like heat play in billion degree basements

Karens holding cameras

ROC NATION artist in every frame

Baby, they had me on and in

Then came and we went to win

Every pic had pictures of me in them

They hear me rap and say he might run his mic

This deep pocket

You are my dispersed rock

Weighted down to help governments out

Do not get carried away

I like the days

I want gravity to adjust lower

The body I shape

My eyes are chestnut

His close quickly

Major went soft

The dick was great and said "call me the plug between: he, you, I, and above"


I said “move”

Shoved message

Massage in pressure applying

Spots I hit and try

Fuck with me

I see light

I see color

I see trouble

Do you hear or see me typing?

Hearing tones of pitch of words I spit

Take a look at Lyft and join the team

We merge

Not marry

Then unite

These words have meaning

Unite in union for the justice of me and you



With the smoothest words you have ever heard

I wipe clean frequent

Do you see that bulb

It fleets, it scores

It allows me to show you other doors

Jealous lames protect their voices

The pussy allure

I climb mountains writing on floors

This life

Smooth shores

Nice waves

Read yours


What is that on my forehead?

Third eye visit

Now I will get ahead

Grab my mic and say sure

Same place

This weight

Controller on cake

This ass is going to be on your place

That is it, manhunt not tag

I just caught feelings

Ghost remember what feelings had


You and me named this smooth game

So smooth this eternal flare lights

Sulfie everywhere

Four bars

Golden claws

A cleansing shower


Alpha Beta Beta Alpha

Hike a ball

Catch complete

I am blessed and incomplete

Men like to talk then say they will finish me

Color every paged sheet

So in groups they go by men and them

They never thought to go by Mr. and Him.

They think small

I think too damn much

My life is on point

Quick release

I will light a joint

I read and think I know what winning means

You fucking dummies

I joined the losing team

I saw my name and just stayed seated

Single file tax standing every damn season

Things need changing and with you I need reasons

Pro is pricy and cons are discounts

With out a third rider

My Heavens’ angles are on level fourteen

Circles and tiers

Tears that drain eyes clear

Catch up phone

Checked character count

My life is on a dinner plate

First try THING then THING 1

Then me, THING 2

Who throws cards farther and faster

I am not your captive

I lay cards and checks on tables

When I leave cameras freeze

I froze that shit, suspended

Pink slip, I shredded

The lines of collected words sound like I was raised

I raise up life in Heaven and put burnt Hell in the other lanes

My thumbs freeze

My style is icy

If I were any more feminine I would be my own Wifey

The suggestion was typed with a capital

The roster of presidents

Forty six chosen clones and puppets

Head shots are limited

Skulls need to show strength

Molded by a vagina

I grew up and now I ball

Break my resting fall in love

This life was never wrong

They said GOD is all

This is not rap, this is vision

This is not going to end


I hope we get to be on a winning team

Team name: Specialty

I take quiet shots at sin

And return with beats that let people like me in

Score, win

My waist?


I am an egg of the formless matter

I should have read those final chapters

Babe I rhyme

I bite, I bark

I rhyme freely

The text say green

Text to show you what average is

Not me

Block button?

Against me

You fucked me for free then made plans for a life

Friends like text

I like a live mic

I appreciate your willingness to interact

Saying I rap too fast

Speak too fast

My words to subconscious backs

I am taking a new class

Interaction over text I reread

This is not a collection of rhymes

This is the soul I know

Sit back

Major you have computable NFT

Thank you for explaining what a work week needs

A second edit

A revision

Can you even read right now?

Tears on the work hours

Lunch break extensions

Babe I read

I should be writing scripture

The book I am reading is on the bed

I have voices that originate from and within my head

No touching my means of communication

That means my tongue that has you turning pages

Keith Major playlist titled Baby

Forget my possessed possession

Personal interaction

Holy Spirit inhabited

I learned my route to you

My first action

My Major's life

The golden knife

My words on standby from distant skies

Proof poof fart quief

That last line wrote nasty heat

These feet say walk

Talk like a Major and inspire love

Do not stop

I am almost at a thousand characters that say this heart found a start

Rearrange my name

Wiped in rain

You are reading

I am calling

Did you make it far in life?

I am your life's calling

I keep a good list of men I like like

I cannot explain my net worth in the allotted slot

To win this heart with all he had

We reached babe

Sky pass

My bright heart was glass

Toughened by elements from light

These lights I past

I walk, click, then relax

I ran from quick paragraphs

Statements mending words as syllables crash

Major, I might win a slight race

My eyes fight and burn

Your words are a nice turn on

I am not FIVI or Salvatore

Yet my time is precious so spend it

I read quick so expect me in minutes

Times up

Buttons press

The rhymes I share to invite you

I find our time inspiring

The lines I hid in clear wiring

Baby Major plays on Tidal

I have rich admirers

I write blanks with thanks

They are cashed

I am the first created rhythm

With him, I do not blink

I questioned

The Fifth discussion

February sixth to Death

Common Bed Manor is all made

You are in it next

This praise, find your favorite knee

Hidden razors, trimming racers

To distract me can I call you Keith Major?

I buy the tracks and you press talk

I am seeking Major with a golden stalk

On the hunt for a rabbit named Marshall

It delivers words I tear apart

This game, I am a master

The lane, I just go faster

Then I remain in the highest places

I wet men with kisses to their faces

Did you learn what my name is?

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