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They begin in cycles

My heart becomes the idol

Golden weight without a rival

I seek to make her smile

Provide a name and my chosen wishes

In the thick sea, a choice: them or him


I use words to tear down walls

Rebuild to the maximum

We shift, and pages turn

Memory lane, memories burned

The life we create in chosen homes

Unable to break free

Simple with ease

I aim to please

To capture emotions built upon eternity

Golden loops: Christ Eernal dreams

My soulmate hints at charity to share the love endlessly

We create a map to lap the blues

The ways we move

Look up: a blue moon


Even then we could never lose

The issues lack an ability to bruise

We discuss with no issue

The words reused

Cycled then chosen

My heart seeks to remain golden

Soulmate, allow me to explain my mission

To please you as we shape dimensions

Exposed with my vision

Wisdom among prisms

Our solar system created

The lives we touched


Old memories to reset

Eventually we become Heaven like we never left

My mind flows with energy

I blink with sympathy

I chose him and forgot them all



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