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Resolution Resolved

Abstract: While talking with "#15" about our writing endeavors, I suggested that we try to go "line-for-line" on a joint project. The end result was the first of two successful attempts.

Heavenly Chaos: If everyone around me is a monster- tell me- who is worth saving?

#15: I done seen more crazed when caged in.

Heavenly Chaos: Trapped! Stagnant in a war of the mind, but if you cannot escape yours, how could you explain mine?

#15: Well first I am going to look into your eyes: we are not the same men. My thirst for blood brings shoulder shrugs from close kin.

Heavenly Chaos: Weight of the world on our shoulders, yet the pain does not end. If you cannot stop the rain, then how is the heart to mend?

#15: I do not know, that is a tough question to answer. Nowadays it is Pathfinders, and a bitch who be cancer.

Heavenly Chaos: Tell me: does the applause, and the bands help you endure? Where does the righteous man stand? Look how Homer treats the Flanders.

#15: It is like fish scales, and residue, on a marble top mantle.

Heavenly Chaos: Illuminate the mind, and you are too much to handle. Nurses work around the clock stifling the light from the candle.

#15: But still, “Let it Burn” like Usher though. You cannot forget the Chille in the beef as far as love goes.

Heavenly Chaos: What is love when women are reduced to bitches and hoes? So many cannot define the word "love," yet this chilling reality is unknown.

#15: They threw us in a maze, then made us fight these wars- like Caesar sought- yet the pain might need more.

Heavenly Chaos: Misery loves company, never shy in conversation. Lightening bugs trapped in a jar; yes- they tightened the mason. The masses are complacent with happiness parallel, while I am grateful. The world is full of vagrants; too many are sleeping on the pavements.

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