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Revealing AU

Abstract: This was something that I wrote in 2019 A.D. that GOD thought could provide me with some new inspiration.

24 karat in the air

Checking in at night

Bedtime, sleep wear

Vacation in Hell

Bikini time, no nair

Dripping AU

Blessings flowing, heavy crown

Cain just happy that I am around

Demons all around me

I bet they love my crooked smile

They all hit bottom

I am the one that came around

Abstract: Continuation

24 karats were in the air

I check in day and night

Bedtime, sleep-wear

I convert in Hell

Bikini time, without Nair

My drip is AU

A golden scepter to address the crowd

Free them, freedom

I dare you to vacation in Hell

Convent, convert

Lines bent, Mars at your hip

Slick Rick, I am Morty Shient

Trick-or-treat, who raptured me?

I am back, I book tracks

Weave tracks, slick backs

The rapture of my spirit, I am fast

Hot wheels track, your place?

Dead Last

I keep dreaming that I will command a throne

Thank GOD I am home

The everlasting blessings will pour down

Holy Holy Holy Holy


The future is filled with glorious brown

Anoint me with my crown

Eyes closed, my mind is blown

Snap, crackle and pop

Whip it, twist it, bop it, stop it


We buss wine, and do not trust time

Reverse the Mayan dial over my body Johafi

Transport me to my favorite lobby

Unfortunate slaves that built their stunning maze

Which will escape my gaze

We might part ways

Free the worlds in the world of hate

Some of them are just happy that I am around

Inheritance granted: my Lordship will make rulers bow down

Fictional demons are all around me

Sinners or saints, which ones do you believe will frown?

To show face and explain my truth

Take a quick glance into my eyes

When you do you will see the clouds

Does my smirk distract you?

I bet they will love my perfect smile

They all hit rock bottom when they assumed my previous body was in the ground

They are praising the heavens

I am the one that came around

To Lucifer's minions: "hit the damn ground!"

Cannonball into Lucifer's bottomless pit

Lucifer's unfortunate followers will gather around

The judgement of the naive and ignorant

They will burn, scream, and drown

Weightless gravity

They will never touch solid ground

Unless I say otherwise, but they will probably experience another round

Their endless loop, while I adjust my golden crown

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